Mailbox Monday – March 2017

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Mailbox Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Mailbox Monday. It is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

I’ve had quite a successful week when it comes to book mail! Let’s take a look;

(all these pictures are taken by me, if you want to use one of them I’d love it if you could ask me first, and please give credit and link back to my blog!)

ember1A friend of mine has been nagging me about Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes series for ages! I’ve been meaning to buy and read it for a looong time but I never got around to it. I keep a wishlist on Amazon and I check it every day to see if the prices of the products have changed. And, surprisingly, when I went on Amazon a couple days ago and saw that these were a little cheaper than usual I bought them immediately!

SOC duology1
Then we have the Six of Crows Duology, wooo! You guys know how badly I want to read them because I literally never shut up about it! I was so excited to get my hands on these and now they’re finally here! I bought the box set because it was cheaper than buying both books individually and I totally love it! Also, the covers are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to get back into Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha universe 🙂



helpisla1Last but not least I bought Stephanie Perkins’ Isla and the Happily Ever After (yes, I know I haven’t even read Anna and the French Kiss but I will soon, okay? I promise!) and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help. I’ve seen parts of the movie a few years ago and I’ve been meaning to watch the full thing for a while now. But then I saw the book was on sale for like 2 bucks so I just had to get it!

And that’s a wrap!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? And did you buy any new books this week? Let me know which ones in the comments below!

Jackie x

30 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday – March 2017

  1. SUCH A GREAT BOOK HAUL. You will loveeeeeeeee SOC. I super can’t wait to see your thoughts on them, because I’ve read them and now I never shut up about them. XD Isla was pretty great, although it was a bit different than the rest of Perkins’ novels. And I still have to read An Ember as well, so I’m eager to see what you think. Fantastic haul! 🙂

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    1. Ayeee, thank you so much!! ❤ SoC is definitely on top of my TBR for April, I'm soooo excited!!! And I hope I'll get to An Ember in the Ashes soon but my TBR list is HUGGGEEE right now and it's driving me crazy! 😀


  2. You got some great books this week! I’ve been meaning to read Six of Crows for a long time and just haven’t got around to it. I hope you enjoy The Help and Isla. Have a great week!

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  3. At first I thought this said MAILBOX MURDER. XD XD

    READ SOC FIRST PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE. And I’ve heard of all of these books but I’m not exactly sure if I would want to read them. Of course, they sound great, but OH LOOK THERE’S A GATHERING OF SHADOWS AND OVER THERE IS THE UNWIND DYSTOLOGY AND OOH CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME HOKDING UP THE UNIVERSE??? XD

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    1. OMG this comment somehow landed in my spam folder so I never approved/replied!
      Mailbox Murder hahahaha that made me laugh 😀 I’ve put SOC on my April TBR so I’ll definitely read it this month!
      AND I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, I have about 30 books on my shelf that need to be read and I keep hearing about all these other good books and it’s just so overwhelming like HOW AM I GOING TO READ ALL THESE BOOKS I NEED MORE TIME!!!

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  4. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for stopping by Fiction Books this week. I enjoy ‘meeting’ new people and will always value your visits and comments 🙂

    You have some very eye-catching tiles and cover art on offer this week, although I think that I must be about the only person left who hasn’t read ‘The Help’, or seen the fim.

    I quite like the sound of the Stephanie Perkins series, although have already worked out that these three books need to be read in sequence for the storyline to hang together satisfactorily, and for me that just isn’t going to happen!

    Have a great week, thanks for sharing and ‘Happy Reading’ 🙂


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