Spring Bloggiesta Finish-Line!


Well, that’s a wrap!!! This year’s spring Bloggiesta is officially over!

This was my very first Bloggiesta and it was so much fun! I really put my focus this week on accomplishing the things on my Bloggiesta To-Do list and it actually helped me accomplish ALL of the things that I planned to do! I really didn’t think I’d be able to complete all of the things on my list, I’m pleasantly surprised (and kind of proud of myself, haha)!

For anyone who is interested to see what I’ve accomplished this week head over to my original Spring Bloggiesta post to see the complete list!

I really enjoyed participating in the very first Twitter chat! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the others due to the time difference but I still got to know some super sweet and fun bloggers! We talked about all things blogging; things we wanted to accomplish this week, how to keep blogging a fun experience and discussed what we crossed off of our to-do lists!

I also loved all the kind and encouraging comments I got from everyone participating in Bloggiesta! And even from people who weren’t participating. I felt very loved so thanks everyone :’)

All in all, it was a great experience and you’ll definitely (hopefully) see me joining a lot more Bloggiestas in the future! I already can’t wait for the summer Mini Bloggiesta! Seriously, summer can’t come fast enough! 😉bloggiestalogo

Jackie x

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