Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I’d Love To Meet

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there’s a new book-related topic to answer!

This week’s topic is Top Ten Authors I’d Love To Meet!

*note: these are in no particular order except for my #1 obviously*

Tahereh MafiJ.K. Rowling

Jane AustenRainbow RowellBecky Albertalli

  1. Tahereh Mafi

God, I just really need to meet Tahereh and sit down with her in a place that is open 24/7 (so we’d have ALL DAY to talk!) and I need her to answer all of my questions regarding the love of my life; Aaron Warner. And just the Shatter Me series in general. Like, I STILL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

  1. J. K. Rowling

This one is quite obvious and doesn’t need further explaining.

  1. Jane Austen

I’d have loved to meet Jane Austen if she was still alive! Or I’d just travel back in time to meet her if I could! I haven’t read many of her books but she is one of my favourite authors. She’s so witty and humorous and I bet it’d be loads of fun to spend a day with her!

  1. Rainbow Rowell

Ok, first of all, how cool is it that her first name is literally Rainbow! So unique! I love her writing and enjoy reading her books and I’d just like to tell her how great she is!

  1. Becky Albertalli

I haven’t read any of her books yet but I follow her on Twitter and I love her! She’s so cute and I just love reading her tweets. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is currently being made into a movie and we could chill on set and stalk Nick Robinson 😉

Stephanie GarberMarie LuLeigh Bardugo

Stephenie MeyerWalt Disney

  1. Stephanie Garber

I truly loved her debut novel Caraval, I can already say that it’s one of my favourite releases this year! Her writing is incredible and I need her to teach me how she does it! Also, I need to squeeze every bit of information about book 2 out of her!!!

  1. Marie Lu

I think Marie Lu is so sweet and kind and she seems so genuine! I’d love to chat with her about books and stuff. Please, tell me more about June and Day!

  1. Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo has easily become another one of my all time favourite authors! I truly enjoyed the Grisha trilogy and I don’t even have to read the Six of Crows duology to know just how incredible it is. And I really NEED to talk to her about Nikolai and ask all kinds of questions that I have about him! Oh, and make her write a 1000+ page novel about him, please and thank you 😀

  1. Stephenie Meyer

All I want to do is thank her for introducing me to YA! Twilight was pretty much my first contact with the YA genre and it opened this huge door for me! Bless her.

  1. Walt Disney

Last, but not least, Walt Disney! I know that, technically, he isn’t an author but I’d have loved to meet him and look into his mind and, like, observe the process of him coming up with the characters that we’ve all come to love today!

Honorable Mentions: Alice Oseman (she seems so sweet on Twitter!), Ransom Riggs (I adore him and Tahereh!), Angie Thomas (she’s just incredible)

So that’s it for my Top Ten Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts!

Jackie x

Who is/are your all time favourite author(s)? Which of them would you love to meet and what would you tell them? And are there any authors that you’ve already met? Let’s chat in the comments!

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I’d Love To Meet

  1. I’d love to meet JK Rowling (of course). I’d probably love to just meet every author of every book I’ve read so I can ask what goes through their heads! Sadly I have never met any authors 😢😢

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  2. I actually met Leigh Bardugo and Rainbow Rowell when they toured the UK together last year. They are so funny and totally awesome. Unfortunately I got all star struck and went completely blank when they were signing my books. Not sure I managed to say anything coherent 😀

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  3. TAHEREH!!!! I follow like all of them on twitter they’re my literal family I love it that they all tweet each other makes me emo!! Did you see Tahereh is pregnant! *sigh* Her and Ransom are so perfect, I die.. I’m also obsessed with Rainbow, Marie, and Leigh like I need them to be my best friends immediately!

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    1. I knowww right I want to be a part of the cute author family!!! I literally stalk Tahereh’s tweets like every day (her and Ransom are actual couple goals!!!), hoping she tweets/answer a question about Warner like !!! PLEASE just tell me what happens after Ignite Me, will Warnette get married? do they have kids? what about Kenji, my precious child does he get enough sleep is he eating enough? What about James and Warner’s relationship? I NEED ALL THE ANSWERRRSSS

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  4. I hope you meet all the authors on your TTT list this week. The cool thing is that I made a TTT post a couple of years ago of all the authors I wanted to meet in person some day and I ended up meeting three of them in person within a year!! I’m hoping to meet the rest of the authors on my TTT list some point in time!

    This week I choose to focus on the eleven authors I can’t believe I’ve already met! Here’s a link to my TTT post for this week:

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  5. I JUST finished Simon vs. and I LOVED IT!!! I would love to meet her. And MARIE LU AND LEIGH BARDUGO YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. *cries in despair because I actually almost got to meet Leigh Bardugo but didn’t because of me running too fast and impatient parents* And yes, JK Rowling, definitely!!!

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  6. Don’t know if know this already (you Probs do as you practicaly stalk/obsessed with Ms Mafi) but she is gonna continue the Shatter Me series 😀😀😀…..Great List – recognized all but haven’t read most but plan to!!😊

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    1. HAHAHA you’re so right I am obsessed with her 😂
      BUT ISN’T THAT THE BEST NEWS EVER?!?!?! 3 more Shatter Me books ahhhhh 😍😍 and I think it’s so funny and CUTE that you are going through my posts looking for any mention of Warner/Juliette/Tahereh/Shatter Me hahaha I LOVE IT!

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      1. We were soo SHOCKED!! We were just one day looking through goodreads to find that there will be more – we thought the site was crashing or something!! Hey that’s what the search bar is for!! And once your in the fangirl mode it is extremely difficult to become sane after!! 😄😄

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      2. I saw Tahereh tweeting about an announcement and I though that maybe it was going to be something about the TV show or her new book that is coming out in fall – AND THEN THAT HAPPENED! And I was laughing and crying and fangirling in general and it was AWESOME! 😀

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      3. It’s lovely when your fave authors decide to suprise you like that! Exciting too! To be honest – we think we’d be too shocked and just stay paralysed for bit until everything suddenly just gets processed into our mind and EXPLODES!!

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      4. Yes that’s so true! I am open to more surprises like that *cough* Tahereh, feel free to hit me up! 😀 *cough*
        And I can totally relate to that! Sometimes you’re just SO shocked that you need some time to process it but then….. BOOM! 😀

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