Mini Review: Unknown Horizons by CJ Birch | Spoiler Free

Unknown HorizonsTitle: Unknown Horizons (New Horizons #1)

Author: CJ Birch

Genre: Science Fiction

Published: April 18th 2017 by Bold Strokes Books

Pages: 240

*I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This doesn’t affect my opinion in any way!*

(via Goodreads): “The moment Lieutenant Alison Ash steps aboard the Persephone, she knows her life will never be the same. She will never again watch the sun rise over the asteroid belt, never again see Earth from a handheld telescope, and never again see her family.

In less than three weeks, the ship will dock at the Posterus and begin the most important journey humankind has ever undertaken. More important than discovering fire, creating language, or even abandoning Earth to live confined in biospheres among the asteroid belt over 100 years ago.

What Ash doesn’t expect is that by keeping her recent memory loss a secret she is
jeopardizing not only the Persephone’s mission but humankind’s launch of the first ever generational ship. Nor does she anticipate her attraction to Captain Jordan Kellow, but both will change her life forever.”

Goodreads / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Barnes & Noble

This was an okay read.

When I read the synopsis I was quite intrigued! I don’t usually read Sci-Fi stories but this one had a great, interesting concept and it sounded really exciting but I was a little disappointed.

At the beginning we don’t really get a real introduction to the world. All I know is that they live somewhere in space. But why? Why can’t they live on earth anymore? What happened? And where exactly do they live now? How did they get there? How many people live there? And are there other people? How many? Whaaat?


As you can see I had many questions and most of them were left unanswered. At the end of the book we get to know a little bit more about the why’s and about other people. I still don’t know the reason for why they can’t live on earth anymore. Personally, I needed a bit more world building and more explanations!

The concept of the whole memory loss thing was very intriguing and it got quite exciting when we find out why it happens! The story became very fast-paced and I was immersed in it!

With only 240 pages this was a very quick read in general! The chapters were short-ish and it was easy to read.

I didn’t really feel connected to the characters though. They felt flat to me and I couldn’t relate or symphasize with any of them. There was a lesbian romance between the Lieutenant and the Captain which I was excited about and it could have been really good! Unfortunately, it just seemed flat and unexplored to me. We don’t really get to see much of it until the last part of the book.

Also, it ends on a major cliffhanger which left me very confused? I don’t think you could even call it a cliffhanger because it was just such a weird way to end the story!!! I feel like it could have used a few more lines for it to really make sense! This is the first part of a series (?) and I might have to pick up the sequel just to settle my confusion 😀

⭐⭐⭐ (3 out of 5 stars maybe 2.5, I can’t decide)

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