Most Anticipated Book Releases – May 2017

Since April is coming to an end (whaaat?) and May will bless us with some great new books, I thought I’d share my favourite/most highly anticipated releases for the month of May with you!

*click on the book covers to be directed to the Goodreads page*ACOWAR

A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas:

I feel like this one is on EVERYONE’S list! It comes out in a few days and I honestly can’t wait! I’ve only read ACOTAR and I’m currently reading ACOMAF for the first time but I am so obsessed!

BY THE WAY…… I am OUTRAGED!!!!!! APPARENTLY MY COPY OF ACOWAR WON’T BE HERE UNTIL THE 9TH OF MAY!!! :OOOOOO So, I’ll probably avoid all social media until I’ve actually read it because I don’t want to be spoiled for this one!!!

Release Day: May 2nd 2017



When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon

I have been waiting for this book for MONTHS and I honestly can’t believe it will be here soon!!!! The end of May can’t come fast enough! It’s about two Indian-American teens whose parents have arranged for them to be married. It’s supposed to be a super sweet and adorable and genuinely funny YA novel and I can’t wait to read it! And isn’t that just the cutest cover EVER!!! 😀

Release Day: May 30th 2017


Noteworthy – Riley Redgate

I’ve only seen very few people talk about this book but I heard amazing things about it and I’m quite excited for it to be released! This is a coming of age contemporary novel about a cappella and college and it’s #ownvoices! The MC is Chinese and bisexual and it’s generally a very diverse book that discusses important topics like sexuality, gender etc. You should totally check it out once it releases!

Release Day: May 2nd 2017



The Love Interest – Cale Dietrich

This is a story about teenage spies (which ALREADY makes me want to read it!!!!). Two boys are competing for a girl and she has to choose between the two of them. Whoever the girl doesn’t choose will die. Do I even need to say more???!?!

Release Day: May 16th 2017



The Seafarer’s Kiss –  Julia Ember

This is a bisexual, f/f retelling of The Little Mermaid and WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD MERMAID STORY?!?! A Goodreads review said that this story is about “Ursula outwitting Loki to save the woman she loves” and I was SOLD. Can’t wait to finally read this one!

Release Day: May 4th 2017



Flame in the Mist – Renee Ahdieh

How could I write a post like this and NOT mention Flame in the Mist!!! This is a Mulan retelling or at least has some similarities to Mulan and if that doesn’t make you want to read the book then I don’t know what will!!!

Release Day: May 16th 2017



Thanks for reading!

Jackie x

What are some of your favourite/most highly anticipated May releases? Are any of them on my list? And if they aren’t, please let me know which ones you’re excited about and give me some more recs!!! 😀

34 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Book Releases – May 2017

  1. I am also looking forward to ACOWAR and Flame in the mist. They will probably be on my list too ^_^ Of course, after reading ACOWAR we will have to deal with waiting for the next one… hopefully the cliffhanger isn’t as bad haha.

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  2. Sooo many good ones!! I’ve not heard of Noteworthy or The Seafarer’s Kiss so I’m adding those to my list! I’m super excited for Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. I want to live in the world of Shadowhunters!!

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  3. AHHHH! I can’t wait for ACOWAR the suspense it killing me! I’m also interested in When Dimple Met Rishi, The Love Interest and The Flame in the Mist! I have an arc of Noteworthy and have heard so many good things about it! May is the best month for new releases!

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  4. I’ve either got most of this list preordered or I think it’s going to be in a subscription box. *lol* The only one I’m not 100% sure of yet is Noteworthy. It sure sounds interesting and I think I will be looking into it when it’s released. 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to The Crown’s Fate releasing. I do have an ARC, but once it’s released I can share my feelings with EVERYONE! 😀

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  5. Noteworthy sounds so good! I saw i mentioned somewhere else but they didn’t say: “The MC is Chinese and bisexual and it’s generally a very diverse book that discusses important topics like sexuality, gender etc.” Totally a tbr! Thanks for sharing.

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  6. You’re actually lucky your copy of ACOWAR will arrive so early. When I order from Book Depository it usually takes about a week or two for my books to arrive – so if I order this weekend, it will arrive around the 15th because of the weekend (and about 2 or 3 days to process the order). I almost feel physical pain just thinking about it D:

    I’m really excited to read Flame in The Mist, though! I love Japan and I love Mulan, and I loved The Wrath & The Dawn by Ahdieh. I’m just a little concerned/apprehensive about the Mulan retelling being set in Japan. I mean I know retellings are just based on the original story and don’t actually have to follow the same path as the original (like in the ACOTAR series) but it makes me wonder why Ahdieh didn’t choose to set this in China….

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    1. Aww nooooo! I have never ordered from Book Depository but that must really suck! I always pre-order things on Amazon because they tend to ship their things before the release date and I usually get them before they’re released or right on time!
      I own The Wrath and The Dawn but I haven’t read it yet! I love Renee as a person though – she’s lovely! Oh you’re right, I didn’t know about that! I believe this is more of a loose retelling of Mulan so maybe that’s why it’s set in Japan? Hmm, we’ll just have to wait for the book to come out and see how much of Mulan really is in the story! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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  7. YESSS THERE ARE ALL ON MY TBR!! ❤ ❤ When Dimple Met Rishi is SO ANTICIPATED along with Flame in the Mist!! (MULAN + japanese mythology + Renee Ahdieh Can things get any better??! I think not.) And nooooo about your copy of ACOWAR! I'm debating whether or not I should re-read the first two books… o.O

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    1. YAY I’m happy to hear that you’re excited for all of these as well!!! May is such a great both for book releases 😍 Dimple and Flame in the Mist are gonna be soooo good!! I am currently reading the acotar books for the first time and it’s great! I’d decide depending on how much you remember from the first books! 😜

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      1. Oh my gosh, yessss! I’m so excited for both of those, they’re going to be amazing, I just know it. ❤ Yayyy! I remember having so much fun reading them! I don’t remember much so maybe I will??? 😂 I have a terrible memory…

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