Get To Know Me!


Well, well. I am skipping this week’s T5W because I already did a book cover post for yesterday’s Top Ten Tuesday!

I hereby welcome you to the Get To Know Me tag! 😀

Yes, here is yet another tag that I’m doing! Okay, technically this is only my third tag BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW HOW MANY I STILL GOT UP MY SLEEVE! TOO MANY! Be happy that I won’t do a tagathon (is that even a thing?) and post tags every day! I’ve got two full pages in my book journal filled with pending tags –  so just say the word and I’ll do it! 😀


I was tagged by two lovely people – Ashley @ Bumbling About Books and Brookie @ Brookie Cowles. Thanks so much for that! You should check both their blogs out and get to know THEM a little better! And definitely hit that follow button! ❤

Since I haven’t properly introduced myself on this blog before, this is a great opportunity to do so! So sit back and get to know me! (Ha! See what I did there? Because it’s the Get To Know Me tag? Ok, ahem, anyway…..)


Name: Jackie

Nicknames: Jacks, J, Jacky and others that I can’t possibly translate from German because they’d just be different and not even half as funny in English 😀

Birthday: October 29th, two days before Halloween!

Star Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: I’m a university student and am currently looking for a side job so I can afford all these amazing books I still need to buy 😛



Hair color: Light Brown I guess?

Hair length: umm, it’s just above my breasts right now but I need to cut my split ends ASAP

Eye Color: they’re this weird greenish-orange colour but it looks pretty if the light shines on them! 😛

Best Feature: ummmmm IDK? CAN I SAY HUMOUR lol

Braces: I used to have them for my lower teeth ugh

Piercings: nope! Only your typical ear piercings!

Tattoos: I don’t have any but I’ve always wanted one! Still deciding on a motive

Right or Left: Rightyyy!

That’s MEEEEE – in Munich lol. imagine me saying “Hey MTV. Welcome to my crib.” hahaha



Real Holiday: Disneyland Paris when I was around or 2 or 3 years old!!!! And Greece!

Best Friend: I used to have a tight circle and I’d consider all of them my best friends but we fell out a long time ago! Now I just keep a small circle of close friends. There isn’t a person that I would consider my BEST friend, I’m still looking, if anyone’s up for it! 😀

Award: Uh I don’t think I have any except for the typical PE awards/medals that we’d get like every year and to put it in the words of Schmidt from 21 Jump Street:

“This is a fourth grade participation medal. It is literally a medal for sucking.”

Sport: First real sport I did was probably swimming!

Concert: Justin Bieber – Believe Tour. Honestly his best era and SUCH A GREAT CONCERT!!!!!



TV Show(s): Oh my god. TOO MANY. The Vampire Diaries, How To Get Away With Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Orphan Black, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Office… SHOULD I GO ON???!!!?!?!?!?

Color: most shades of Blue!

Songs: Oh. My. God. Whenever someone asks me that question my mind is BLANK. Okay, let me think. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley is definitely one of my all time faves and I want it played at my wedding! ❤ Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody MAKES ME WANT TO DANCE ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE (duh!)

Restaurant: I don’t think I have one I JUST LOVE FOOOOOOD!

Shop: Amazon (lol), Pull & Bear is a fave of mine, I used to love Bershka but not anymore 😦

Books: SHATTER ME TRILOGY BY TAHEREH MAFI. BOOM. Warner is my baby and my child and my father and Warnette OWNS MY ASS and Kenji is a CUTIE CAN HE BE MY BEST FRIEND PLSSS

Shoes: White Converse because I’m a basic bitch 😛



Feeling: tired as always but what’s new *shrugs*

Single or Taken: Single forever and always lol people don’t seem to like me LIKE THAT 😀

Eating: nothing but I am craving fries right now??? GIMMEEEE

Thinking About: all the essays I still have to write but instead I’m writing this blog post! Queen of Procrastination??? THAT’S ME!


Wearing: a shirt and some yoga pants – THE USUAL



Want Children: YES YES YES please I’d love to have children of my own! ❤ ❤ ❤ Just look at the Saccone Jolys and tell me you don’t want kids like theirs!


Want to be Married: For sure! But again, people don’t seem to like me LIKE THAT so I might be forever alone with 3 cats and a dog!

Careers in Mind: I am currently studying English so a lot of doors are open for me. I’d love to go work anywhere in publishing though!

Where You Want to Live: I’ve always said I was going to move to the UK when I’m finished with university but with Brexit and everything I don’t think that’ll be so easy anymore lol. It should definitely be an English-speaking country so maybe Canada?! Or maybe I’ll just stay in good ol’ Germany because it isn’t actually so bad here!!!



God: I don’t know. I was raised a Christian but I honestly don’t know and it’s a topic that I could discuss for hours but I don’t want to get into it!

Miracles: Maybe? Sometimes?

Love at first sight: I do not believe in LOVE at first sight *cough insta-love cough* but I do believe you can be attracted to someone at first sight and like get butterflies and ALL DEM FEELS when you first meet someone!

Ghosts: Nooo I don’t. Although I do get scared when I watch a horror movie (once in 10 years lol) sooo IDK.

Aliens: I don’t believe in the green mushy things but DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW BIG THE UNIVERSE IS??? IT’S NOT JUST THE SEVEN PLANETS – THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!!! Which is scary and crazy but kind of cool and I do believe that SOMETHING is out there somewhere???

Soul Mates: I don’t know. For some people maybe?

Heaven: Yes. Or well, I don’t know if it’s actually HEAVEN I believe in. Dying is so scary and I hate thinking about it but I’d like to believe that your soul goes somewhere after you die???

Hell: For sure 😛

Kissing on a first date: Of course! If the moment feels right, why the hell not?!

Yourself: I used to be the most insecure and introverted person you could meet and I didn’t think I could do anything! But I am getting better every day and obviously there are days when I am completely doubting myself but you need to learn to accept yourself and learn from mistakes and make sure to always keep going! So yes, I think I do believe in myself AND YOU SHOULD TOO ❤


I tag……. YOU! If you’re a newbie blogger and you want to introduce yourself, or if you’re an “oldie” lol and you’d like to do this tag – well, consider yourself tagged! Feel free to leave your links down below and I will make sure to get to know YOU!!! 😀

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you got to know me a teeny tiny bit better haha!

Jackie x

38 thoughts on “Get To Know Me!

  1. I had so much run reading your answers to this tag. Blue is an amazing colour, it goes with everything. I am also a righty. I do also think that there must be some other life out there. Probably not the typical green beings, but something. It’s huge out there in the vastness of space.
    Also, I would like to claim a tag if I may, this tag looks like way too much fun to not do 🙂


  2. Oh I love this post! And haha to the white Converse thing — I cracked up when I read that part. 😂 And OMG JACKIE YOU’RE SO CUUUUUUUUUTE. I alwayd imagined you as your profile pic lol. I totally agree with the love at first sight thing — not instalove, but attracted…ness. Is that a word??? XD AND I THINK IT’S SUUUUUUPER COOL that you’re German! And let’s be single pringles together. 🙌🙌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhhh love this post Jackie!!! ❤ Also yessss FOOD. I am also now craving french fries what have you doneeeeee. 😛 Kenji is soooo awesome I need him to be realllllll! Also COME TO CANADA, YES. *nods head vigorously* Though Germany is also very cool and I want to vistttt someday?? But I'm Canadian so CANADA haha. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤
      Hahaha, sorry! It's been a day since I posted this AND I'M STILL CRAVING FRENCH FRIES!!! 😀
      Ah yes, you should definitely come visit me over here and I'll visit you in Canada! I love Canada! 😀


  4. Such an amazing tag, Jackie! I love seeing these posts lately, they’re just so much fun to read and a great way to know more about our fellow bloggers ^^
    Your answers cracked me up hahaha
    Keep being your awesome self! 😀


  5. So on your sidebar – it said you were a complete “WARNETTE TRASH”! Now we had to make sure…so we did a bit of rooming (more like stalking😇) until we saw your top posts and found that our assumptions are correct. We have concluded you are an AWESOME person! Anyone who likes Shatter Me series and ships (let’s be honest the only ship in the series) Warner and Juliette together is obviously the type of person you want to hang around with! This post of your we greatly enjoyed!!😊😊😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha you guys are AWESOME!!! I am 100% Warnette trash, I promise! They’re my babies ❤️
      Awwww you’re so sweet, don’t make me tear up! :’) and I feel like we will be great friends! I consider anyone who ships Warner and Juliette a VERY dear friend of mine 😉 thank you guys so much! 💞

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I am SUPER late to seeing this but your answers are great!!! I LOVE The Office and Saccone Jolys (literally the cutest kids ever)!!! I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read Shatter Me yet but I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to.

    Liked by 1 person

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