Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Buy Your Mum

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all the amazing mums out there! Germany’s Mother’s Day was on Sunday and I had a great day with my family ❤ It was my sister’s birthday on Friday and we celebrated with our extended family circle on Saturday which was a lot of fun as always! And Sunday was Mother’s Day! So we basically had a 3-day family celebration which was AWESOME! ❤

I hope everyone else had a lovely Mother’s Day if you’ve already celebrated it as well!

Now, back to Top Ten Tuesday.

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there’s a new book-related topic to answer!

This week’s topic is a Mother’s Day related Freebie! 

I have based my “Books To Buy Your Mum“-recommendations on my own mum!!! She never has a lot of time for reading but I buy her at least one book a year – whether it’s for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day – and these are some of the books that I bought her that she enjoyed or that she borrowed from friends/the library! They might be something for your mum! 😀


Anything by Nicholas Sparks

My mum is a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks!!! I think she has read every single one of his books except for like 1 or 2. I guess she is a sucker for the drama and the romance in his books and I feel like they’re the typical “Mum-books”. At least all of my mum’s friends are reading his books as well 😀 And I really enjoy them as well! AND THE MOVIES! OH GOD, THE MOVIES *cries*. My mum has picked out a few of her favourites – The Notebook, Safe Haven, The Lucky One, Dear John  – and they might be something your mum would enjoy as well!

Nora Roberts


My aunt has a whole Nora Roberts collection and she gave some of her books to my mum and apparently they were quite enjoyable! She doesn’t remember the names of the books so I just listed a few that looked pretty 😛

The Girl You Left Behind – Jojo Moyes

Before I knew anything about Me Before You, I always thought that Jojo Moyes was another one of those “Mum-authors” (lol) who had loads of romance and drama in her books! I have only read Me Before You but I loved it and I might have to check out some of her other books! My mum owns The Girl You Left Behind and enjoyed it a lot!

The One That Got Away – Leigh Himes

My mum is currently reading this book and she says it’s really good! It’s about a 30-something year old busy, overworked and stressed out mum who is trying to balance her career and life as a mum and wife. One day she takes a tumble down an escalator and wakes up in an alternate universe where a senator husband awaits her in a life full of luxury and nobility. Even I think that this sounds intriguing – I’ll have to borrow it from my mum once she’s finished with it!

Stephen King


If your mum isn’t into romance at all, Stephen King might be an option! Personally, neither me nor my mum have read any of his books but I own two of them (Under The Dome and Cell) and I definitely want to read them. They might be something for your mum! 😀

Those are pretty much the only authors that my mum loved. She has read some other books but she can’t remember the names of either the book or the author (and I can’t either) so that’s it for the books to buy your mum 😛

Since this is a very meager Top Ten Tuesday post I thought why not add 3 super cool/strong/awesome mums in literature at the end of this post?!


Molly Weasely, Ma from Room and Natalie Prior are all super fierce and incredible mums! They have very different personalities but essentially they love their children to death and would do ANYTHING to protect and keep them safe! ❤

So that’s it for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!


Who are your favourite mums in literature? Have you read any of these authors? Do you think your mum would like to read these books? What are some of your mum’s favourite books or authors? And which books do you think should I buy MY mum next (based on these recommendations)? Let’s chat in the comments!

54 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books To Buy Your Mum

      1. There’s a knitting pattern in each book that corresponds with the story and the first one, at least, is quite easy as long as you’ve learned the basic stitches. It’s a baby blanket pattern in the first book in a checkerboard pattern.

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  1. MOLLY WEASLEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! ❤ She is the ultimate fiction mom. XD And omg yas NATALIE PRIOR. *sobs*

    I haven't heard of anything except for Stephen King's books, and The Notebook. XD I'M KNOWLEDGABLE. *thumbs up* And oh, I'm glad you had a good time with your family!

    (PS omggggg the "you are following this blog" widget in the footer says you have like 767 followers??? AGAHGHAGHAH THAT'S AMAZING!!! ❤

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    1. YES MOLLY!! 😀 And I was so sad about Natalie Prior – the movie scene had me crying for DAYS! 😦

      Hahaha, I rarely ever read any of the books that my mum reads because they’re too dramatic for me but I found myself enjoying Nicholas Sparks’ books! 😀

      And thanks a lot ❤

      Wait, what??? That follower thing can't be true lol I think WordPress made a mistake XD Actually, it's not even supposed to show my follower count! SO DON'T BELIEVE WHAT IT IS TELLING YOU!!! 😀

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      1. Like omg did pretty much all the Priors have to die??? *wails* My tolerance for Caleb is no more.

        Well, it just says “You’re following this blog along with ___ other people”… I’m not sure if every blog has that??? I mean, I know like when you’re NOT following, you can make the numbers not show for “Join ___ other followers”…

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      2. I know right 😭😭 wait did Caleb end up dying in the end or not? Or was it just the parents that died? It’s been ages since I last read Divergent so I can’t remember 😂

        Ohhh, alright! Huh, I’ll have to check that out because I definitely do not have 700 people following me 😂 that’s something that I could only ever dream of! 😀

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      3. Wait… did you read Allegiant??? Don’t want to spoil anything. XD

        OH JACKIE. You’re going to reach 700, I just know it! I mean, your blog is amazing and YOU’RE just an awesome person, and people love you and your blog! ❤

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      4. Yes I did read Allegiant! A lot of people hate it for *cough* whatever happened at the end 😉 but I thought it was alright! I mean the death was pretty shocking but I felt like it had to happen at some point! Nobody can survive EVERYTHING! XD

        Awwww May you’re WONDERFUL ❤️ guess who else is going to reach 700 followers in no time? YOU! I feel like the entire blogging community already loves you to death so we just need to spread the word to let even more people know of your awesomeness!!! 💞✨

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      5. I mean, I cried over it (even though I knew it was coming). Mostly because of POOR FOUR though. I will never forgive Caleb, even though it was her choice. XDD

        AGHAGHA OMGGGG you’re too sweet! ❤ We're just both amazing. 😉 *flips hair*

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      6. Same I cried for like half an hour! And I just remembered that I was spoiled but then I forgot about it and it was a shock all over again 😭😭 OMG right! It was kind of Caleb’s fault but at the same time it wasn’t! Wow, now I’m in the mood to reread the trilogy 😂

        YES, we truly are 💜 *copies you and flips hair as well*

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      1. I usually read the books and watch the movies. I have read a pretty good bit of his books. I am currently trying to get a physical of everyone of his books to have in my collection.

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  2. Definitely going to bookmark this post so I can get these books for my mom’s birthday or for Mother’s Day next year. 🙂 Nicholas Sparks and Stephen King are definitely great recommendations.

    And YES to Molly Weasley and Natalie Prior. ❤ ❤ Definitely two of my favorite fictional moms right there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh YAY!! When is your mum’s birthday? I’ll probably get my mum another one of Nicholas Sparks’ books for Christmas 😂
      And same for me! I feel like Molly Weasley is THE ultimate fictional mum and everyone’s #1 💜 thank you for commenting! 💞


  3. I’ve only read Me Before You from Jojo Moyes as well! Lovely recommendations for mother’s day, though I have to say my mom isn’t much of a reader haha. ❤ Maybe I might just end up reading these myself one day!! xD

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