Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

I admit, I didn’t want to do this tag when I’ve first seen it around but now EVERYONE is doing it and I stumbled across Mandy’s post and her answers to the questions were so on point and I could relate to so many of them so I just had to do it, too!

If you’re not following Mandy yet then you’re really missing out??? She is the queen of Disney princesses, in fact, her entire blog is filled with them! She even has her own Disney Princesses Rating System which is so cool and it amazes me every time! Go follow her blog. Right Now. Yes, I am forcing you.

(Oh by the way, I reread the Shatter Me books at the beginning of the year but I won’t be mentioning them because they’d literally be the answer to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION)

So, here we go!

  1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017?

Like Mandy, I am simply UNABLE to just pick one so here are a few πŸ˜‚

  1. Best sequel of 2017 so far?

Have I read a sequel in 2017??? I’ve read both ACOMAF and ACOWAR and I loved the both of them A LOT (but ACOMAF was just that bit better)! Ok, I couldn’t help myself and I had to add Ignite Me because that is my favourite book in the Shatter Me trilogy! *grins*

Β Β 

  1. New release you haven’t read yet but want to?

Ummm, so many??????????? I definitely want to read Queens of Geek and The Upside of Unrequited sooooon!

Β Β 

  1. Most anticipated release of the second half of 2017?


Β Β 

  1. Biggest disappointment?

I participated in a blog tour for One S’More Summer and I expected a super cute and fun summer camp story Γ  la The Parent Trap (but with older characters) but I ended up DNFing this because it was so bad! A full review will be up soon-ish.

  1. Biggest surprise?

I have reviews up for all three of these (Future Leaders of Nowhere, The Space Between the Stars, The Map That Leads to You (wow, they all have such long names XD)) and all of them surprised me by how much I loved them!

  1. Favourite new author (debut or new to you)?

Favourite debut authors have to be Karen M. McManus and Stephanie Garber! I loved their debut novels sooooo much! And new to me this year was Leigh Bardugo! I read the entire Grisha trilogy in a week this February and I AM IN LOVE! *heart eyes*

  1. Newest fictional crush?


  1. Newest favourite character?

Oh my god. Nikolai Lantsov again ❀ And the entire Inner Circle (especially Cassian) (but also Azriel and Lucien my babies) (and Mor <3) (and obviously Feyre my queen) (and Rhys the most powerful High Lord of ALL TIME) (and sometimes Amren) uhhh yeah can you tell that I’ve become a little obsessed? :’)

Credit: Charlie Bowater
  1. Book that made you cry?

You should have asked book that HASN’T made you cry!!! I cry at almost every book lol I cried loads during the entire ACOTAR series but let me mention the book where I cried THE ABSOLUTE MOST – Ruin and Rising. Thanks Leigh Bardugo. Also, I was on my period when I read it so I was OVERLY emotional! There was so much snot, it wasn’t pretty!!! #hormones…….. πŸ˜€

  1. Book that made you happy?

I don’t want to repeat myself here (cough ACOMAF) sooo GEEKERELLA! That one was just too cute and adorable!

  1. Favourite book to movie adaptation you’ve seen this year?

I’ve barely watched any films this year so there aren’t any I could mention here! I definitely want to see Everything, Everything when it comes out here (SMH Germany making me wait until the end of June while it’s already out in the US).

  1. Favourite review you’ve written this year?

I really enjoyed writing One Of Us Is Lying and a lot of you guys seemed to like it as well! It’s also my most liked review on Goodreads which is really cool!

  1. Most beautiful book you bought or received this year?

Can I just say all of them??????? No? Well. I can’t answer this question without mentioning the UK edition of Strange the Dreamer because IT’S SO GORGEOUS! (It’s a lot prettier in real life FYI)

  1. What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

SIX OF CROWS! (I can already see May and Julianna on their way to my house with pitchforks so I’m gonna have to do it PRETTY SOON or you might never hear from me again ;-))

That’s it for the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag!

Thank you for reading!


What are your favourite books of 2017 so far? Which new releases are you most excited for? Any new favourite characters/crushes? Let’s chat in the comments!

168 thoughts on “Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

  1. Great list!! I’m currently reading The Space Between The Stars and I would definitely say it’s a surprise! Some of it is not at all what I expected both good and bad. I’m wondering how this is all going to come together. Trying to speed read and life is getting in the way!

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  2. I LOVE Nikolai!!! Isn’t he just a sweetheart πŸ™‚ Omg yes to Six of Crows, it is SO FREAKING GOOD!!!! I loved the Shadow and Bone trilogy (omg have you seen the new book covers coming out for this series? Soooooo pretty!!!). I heard so many people say they wanted Alina and the Darkling together, but I didn’t get it because I thought the Darkling was an asshat. I guess it’s the whole bad boy thing… Sorry, I just went off on a tangent. Awesome answers!!

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    1. YES NIKOLAI!!! He’s pretty much the love of my life 😍 and I need to read Six of Crows!!! ASAP!!! Ooh, I think I’ve seen the new covers! They’re pretty but I think I still prefer the old ones!

      The Darkling was so evil but he was such a good villain! And him and Alina could have been like a very dark, evil couple! That would have made things very interesting! XD
      Or she could have been GOOD with Nikolai! But no, she chose to be with the worst person EVER!
      Thank you 😊

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  3. OMG, Jackie, this was ADORABLE AND SO MUCH FUN. Your fangirling = so much perfection. 2017 is shaping up to be an AMAZING book year. SO. MANY. AMAZING BOOKS. ACOMAF. GEEK. ONE OF US IS LYING. ALLLLLLLLLLLL OF THEM TOGETHER. I’m disappointed I didn’t think about the Inner Circle for that that answer, because they are seriously so amazing and total favorites. Wonderful post, Jackie, and you’re so incredibly sweet to say those kind words!! You’re the best! ❀ Such a fun post! ❀

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH MANDY πŸ’œ You encouraging my fangirling is very much appreciated XD

      UGH YES. We’re only halfway through the year but there’s been so many amazing books already! AND WE NEED TO PREPARE OURSELVES FOR THE SECOND HALF OF 2017 BECAUSE THE NEW RELEASES WILL BE AWESOME!!!

      Ah yes, who doesn’t love the sweet members of the Inner Circle? *swoons*

      Thank you Mandy! And you’re soooo welcome! ❀️

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      1. Ahahahaha, of course! ❀


        *swoons with you* ❀ ❀ ❀

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  4. Great post!! I can’t wait to do this tag, it is a little annual tradition for me! PS! You really should read The Upside of Unrequited soon, it is amazing!

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  5. I’m going to join May and Juliana in their pursuit to make you read Si Of Crows as soon as possible! And since you already loved Leigh’s first series, I am 150% convinced you’ll love her next one too! You’re in for quite the ride!

    Also, Cassian is an absolute babe and if no one wants him – I’ll take him! I’ve really come to love him so much more after re-reading ACOMAF this year! I have never in my life squealed as much as when Cassian lands on that ice in ACOWAR. I was over the god damn moon!

    I feel like I need to do this tag too – I think I’ve seen it around booktube before and now that you’ve done it too, I’m like ‘SWETA DO IT!’.

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    1. Hahaha everyone always screams at me to read Six of Crows. AND I WILL! I really do plan to read it and I already know I’m going to love it (Kaz is by Baby already and I don’t even know him lol) πŸ’œ

      Yes! Cassian is definitely my favourite out of the Inner Circle squad! Although I do have a soft spot for Azriel!

      Yes please do! I’d love to see your answers to these questions! DOOOO ITTTT XD

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  6. (I can already see May and Julianna on their way to my house with pitchforks so I’m gonna have to do it PRETTY SOON or you might never hear from me again ;-)) <– JU, MEET ME AT THE DUMPSTER AT NINE SO WE CAN FLY OFF TO FIND JACKIE AND COME AT HER WITH THE PITCHFORKS.

    Hmm what are you talking about I wasn't about to murder sweet Jackie no.

    AHEM. Geekerella was so cute and fluffy omg! It definitely made me happy. πŸ˜› And I have a checked out copy from the library (as always) of Strange the Dreamer, and it's GORGEOUS. I like the gold and blue cover (the one I have) better though…


    I need to read Future Leaders of Nowhere! And DUDE. READING AN EMOTIONAL BOOK ON YOUR PERIOD IS THE WORST. Like first you're deliriously happy, and then you get so ANGRY (or frustrated), and the next thing you know you're sobbing and snot's all over the place. XD

    Wow this is long so I'll just end it. *flies off to find Ju and some pitchforks*

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      Geekerella 😍😍😍 I love that book so much! I need to reread it soon! Yesss, I love bother covers but I prefer the UK edition! Tell me how you like the book if you read it though!

      Omg what should I say??? Hallo, ich heiße Jackie. Ich mag Bücher! Und manchmal mag ich May, wenn sie mich nicht gerade umbringen will.


      AHHHH YES! I always try to read light and fun books when I’m on my period now because THE WHOLE CRYING THING IS NOT PRETTY XD

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        Geekerella was just SO cute, AGH FEELS. And I’m reading Strange the Dreamer right now! It’s really good so far.

        HOW AM I SUPPOSD TO GUESS??? Um… I am/My name is Jackie. I love books. This is the Mango Queen May, and she… asddfghjkl.

        I KNOW BÜCHER IS RIGHT THO. *nods*

        But then if they’re light and fun you just… get overly happy! XD

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      2. Please no torture 😨 *shivers again*

        Yayyy I’m glad you’re liking it! I think I’ll take Strange the Dreamer with me when I go on vacation in August!

        The first two sentences were correct *woop* and the third was ‘Sometimes I even like May as long as she doesn’t plan to kill me.’ πŸ˜‚

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      3. *wields knife*

        Yeah, it’s really good! I’m just stress reading now because it’s due back at the library tomorrow and I’m only about halfway through it. XD

        AT LEAST I GOT ONE RIGHT. XD And are you saying that just because I plan to kill you, you don’t like me??? Rude. πŸ˜‚

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      4. Whaaaaaat??????????? Oh damn, that episode was so funny and relatable but ANYWAY. It doesn’t matter *shrugs* I’ve been watching it since I was little and it was hilarious but I haven’t seen it in ages! I don’t even know if they make new episodes anymore πŸ€”

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      5. I agree omg they would never be the same! The very first Spongebob episodes were so hilarious (at least I remember always enjoying them and laughing a lot when watching them I don’t actually remember anything plot or story wise XD)


        Wait, you didn’t grow up with it either so you can’t relate OOPS

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      6. No, this is my “fanfiction” XD I think if I did my contemporary I’d only get like 2 words because I don’t know anything about it yet!

        AND YAYYY THAT’S STILL GOOD! Half of my words are just me rambling and asking if this is really necessary LOL

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      7. Well… I have experience editing a story at the same time as plotting another one??? XD I know some people who juggle two projects at a time, but… it’s hard. Maybe you could like… outline both, and then see which one you want to write first???

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      8. YEEESSSS! I’m actually so excited we started these word wars because I finally found the motivation to start writing AND NOW I CAN’T STOP BECAUSE IT’S A LOT OF FUN ❀ And I can always outline inbetween homework and stuff! AHHHHH *happy dance*

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      9. I think I might use Google Docs too because I read someone’s post recently and someone was scared that their computer would crash AND ALL THEIR HARD WORK WOULD BE LOST!

        Ohhhh my god Scrivener looks SO cool! But 40 dollars? I’M POOR. I think I’ll start with Google Docs and switch to Scrivener once I’ve saved up some money πŸ˜›

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      10. Yeah, I heard about that too! Google Docs doesn’t have some of the features that I like in Word, but it auto-saves and is connected to your Google account AAAAAAND it also has some awesome sharing options!!! (I love the sharing options omg.)

        SCRIVENER IS AWESOME IKR??? And yeah… 40 bucks is something I’ll have to save up as well. XD

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      11. JACKIEEEEEE. *tacklehugs* Honestly I had so much fun chatting with you yesterday. XD

        Oh, if you make one, we should definitely set up a Google Hangouts Chat! πŸ˜€

        I’m assuming that you have Windows with PC so… XD Basically you’ll have to use the app (???) Snipping Tool, to screenshot things.

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      12. HIYAAAA!!! *waves enthusiastically*

        Omg I think we spent like 2 hours chatting back and forth it was SOOOO LOVELY πŸ’œ

        Remind me to create a Google account tomorrow!

        I was going to outline again today but I am soooooo tired for some reason so maybe tomorrow! And let me know if you’re ever up for a word war again because it was so much fun!


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  7. Great list…and I don’t think I’ve read ANY of them! I’ve seen Which One of Us is Lying on other blogs, I’m really intrigued by that one. Six of Crows looks awesome too!

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  8. haha, I have yet to read Six of Crows just as well, you are not alone πŸ™‚ And I agree, that Strange The Dreamer cover looks stunning, I wish I had it on my shelves!
    Lovely answers! πŸ™‚

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  9. I just finished Caraval last week and ahhh it was SO GOOD. I kinda hated the Tella and Scarlet sometimes because of their gullibleness (I don’t think that’s a word haha….) and stupidity but it’s not really heir fault I guess since Caraval is deceiving them but still frustrating! The world Garbed created inside of Caraval is just INSANE. Somehow she made it so happy and bright but easy to see through to the eeriness of it. (I LOVE IT. It’s actually so cool) THEY NEED TO MAKE IT A MOVIE AGH OMG!! That would be a crazy good movie if they could pull it off. And I’m currently reading One of Us is Lying and it’s so good!! (I’m a sucker for mysteries πŸ˜πŸ˜‚.)

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    1. Yeeeeesssss, I loved Caraval! I agree with Tella and Scarlett! Although I’ve grown very fond of Scarlett throughout the story! I don’t really know what to think of Tella yet, I’m not sure if I like her πŸ˜‚

      OH YES, I AGREE 100%. I would love to see it being made into a movie!!!!! It’d be so freakin’ cool! Somebody better make that happen!

      Yay One Of Us Is Lying was so so good! I really hope you’ll love it! 😍

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  10. Great list! It’s a fun book tag and I love doing it every year. I’m planning to do this tag at the end of this month. I loved Caraval, Acowar, Angelfall, Six Of Crows, Alchemists of Loom and Grisha Trilogy! I already have Strange the dreamer and one of us lying in my tbr list but I haven’t read them yet. I hope you enjoy Six of crows when you finally get to it! πŸ™‚

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