My plans and goals for Fall // NaNoWriMo, blogging and being ~artsy~

It’s October, also known as the best month of the year for several reasons!

  • #1: my birthday is this month
  • #2: it’s the month of mysteries and spookiness aka HALLOWEEN
  • i’m forever sad that we don’t officially celebrate it here in Germany—MY INNER EMO WITCH NEEDS TO BE RELEASED. THE WORLD SHALL NOW MY WRATH.
accurate representation of me trying to be evil but actually looking stupid
  • #3: it’s Fall! the season of cold weather, mustard and burgundy colours, sweaters and coziness and just OVERALL GREATNESS
  • and rainy days which is just… YUCK (but also not-yuck when you’re inside, cuddled up in bed with a good book, lit candles and some tea #cozy)

*stop lying jackie. whenever a new season begins, I always say that this one is my favourite of them all. when it’s not. i’m just lying to myself.**

**but actually, Fall does have a special place in my heart because I’M A FALL BABY SO I HAVE A DEEPER CONNECTION. #FALLBABIESUNITE


According to Google, Fall begins on September 22nd and ends on December 21st. DECEMBER??? REALLY?????????


We’ve run a bit off track here—the point of this post is to share my ambitious but exciting Fall plans and goals! As we now know, Fall lasts until December so I have PLENTY OF TIME to achieve these goals.



For the reading section, I don’t have too many plans because I’m the worst at keeping up with TBRs anyways and whenever I do make a plan to “read X” or “review Y”, I end up doing the exact opposite. IT’S A CURSE.

I hereby present to you, my very teeny tiny tentative TBR-ish plans for the Fall season:


STORYTIME: I promised my dear friend May to read Six of Crows pretty much since the day we met (which was March). But I’ve just been scared??? Of the hype??? Of it not living up to its EXCEEDINGLY HIGH expectations??? Of all the feels that would hit me???

But I’m making it my mission to read it this month. I literally won’t be touching another book until I’ve started Six of Crows!!! I PROMISE YOU MAY, I’M FOR REAL THIS TIME.


Now that we got that story out of the way, let’s focus on the smaller goals:

  • participate in Zoe’s 24h-Readathon: I’ve actually planned to do this all by myself after missing Zoe’s first 24h readathon, BUT SHE’S DOING THIS READATHON AGAIN (check it out)! It’s on Saturday, October 14th and I’m PUMPED. WHO’S JOINING????
  • Buddy read Warcross with Swetlana: I told Swetlana about the 24h readathon and we agreed to read Warcross together for the readathon! I heard it’s fast-paced and action-packed so I’m sure I’ll finish the entire thing in that day.
me when i saw julianna and ilsa’s tweets about the buddy read LMAO
  • I’m so happy about this omg I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. It’s their first time reading it and I’m actually so nervous??? A lot of people DON’T like the series and they stop after the first book WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT DO. YOU’LL MISS OUT ON ALL THE GREATNESS.
  • I don’t want to hype it up too much (actually it’s too late for that lol) because you need to read the rest of the books to understand the whole thing. THAT’S ALL I CAN SAY WITHOUT SPOILING ANYTHING.

3 Bouquet


  • reach 600 followers: I’ve been stuck on 500 for months now due to my lack of interacting and my hiatus but I’m hoping that I’ll reach 600 soon? Please??? I’M SO CLOSE.
  • get to 80% on Netgalley: I say this like every other month BUT I’VE NEVER ACTUALLY REACHED IT. I’m currently on 70% because I’ve FINALLY been accepted for two ARCs recently after not having heard from Netgalley for MONTHS. What is it with publishers not accepting/denying your request from APRIL/MAY. Excuse me???????
  • Pre-write/schedule my posts a month ahead: I’m not sure if I’ll manage to pre-write a MONTH ahead, but just one or two weeks should be enough to make things less stressful for me.

3 Bouquet


  • Do #preptober: I stumbled across this on Twitter and this is basically just preparing yourself for NaNo??? Outlining your novel (if you’re a planner), creating character index thingys (again, if you’re a planner), world-building, playlists, aesthetics etc etc etc (IF YOU’RE A PLANNER).
  • Start a writing journal: This goes hand in hand with what I just mentioned—I want to do all my novel planning in a lil notebook so I can write in it wherever I am!!! I THINK YOU ALL KNOW THE STRUGGLE AND STRESS OF THINKING YOU’LL REMEMBER SOMETHING SO YOU DON’T WRITE IT DOWN AND THEN… IT’S GONE.

  • Participate in NaNoWriMo (for the first time!): I’m so PUMPED to finally be a part of this!!!
  • Reach 20k words: I’ve never written a full-length novel before and I don’t know how slow or fast I’ll write—but I’m hoping that by the end of NaNo, or the end of the year, I’ll have 20k words of my first draft written!

3 Bouquet


  • FOCUS! ON! UNI!: Last semester was SO BAD for me—my anxiety was skyrocketing and I skipped classes almost every week which resulted in even more anxiety because I missed class. It was a vicious circle. This term I want to be more organised and focused. Fingers crossed!
  • get a job: I’ve been talking about getting a job for months because I need the money (to buy new books). At the same time I’m scared and anxious bc of the interviews which results in me not even applying in the first place. Anxiety sucks ass.
  • TREAT YO SELF: Because of the whole anxiety thing, I want to make sure to have more self-care and TREAT YO SELF days. Watch the video to understand:


  • do #inktober for fun: I am not artistic at all and if I do happen to create something pretty, it’s usually luck. But painting, drawing, doodling is very relaxing and therapeutic for me so I want to do #inktober for myself ❤
  • start an art/life journal: I’ve talked about my writing journal, but I really want to start an artsy journal too! I wanna decorate stuff and write about my life! I feel like this could be so much fun, and relaxing too! I better get a job soon so I can afford to buy some pretty supplies :’)
  • play more piano (and learn new songs): I’ve started playing the piano when I was 7 and while I don’t have a teacher anymore, I still adore playing the instrument. I haven’t been doing it for a while, but I want to focus this month on learning to play new songs (SPECIFICALLY THE WHOLE LA LA LAND SOUNDTRACK) because I love playing. so. much <333


I’m really happy with this post because I can go back to it and clearly see all the things I want to achieve this season! I’ve also written these things down in my blogging journal but it’s really unorganised so I’ll just refer back to this post!

I just thought I’d share my goals with you in case you get inspired and want to set some goals for yourself! OR you could just be there to cheer me on on the sidelines! 😛

What are some of your plans/goals for this Fall? Books you plan to read? Writing you need to get done? Blogging goals? Participating in any readathons or challenges? Have you ever kept a bullet/art/blogging/writing journal? And how do you go about it? Do you play any instruments? Let’s chat in the comments! 


70 thoughts on “My plans and goals for Fall // NaNoWriMo, blogging and being ~artsy~

  1. WAIT OMG could i possibly join in on the Shatter Me BR??? bc i’ve been meaning to read it but i need some motivation… also YES YOU’RE FINALLY READING SOC AGAHAHHA (i saw your email but forgot to reply, i’ll do that after this lmao)

    and yay for writing goals!! i’ve tried to start journals and notebooks and got really excited about it,, and then forgot it. also good luck with inktober and preptober, i’m doing prep but not ink. :’) ALSO YES LA LA LAND ON PIANO (i’m doing a tap piece to the first song)

    i’m 100% sure you’ll reach 600 followers!! you totally deserve it 💕 and i definitely want to write posts at least a week ahead too, tho i can’t find the time to write a lot of posts at once so i can be ahead

    and YAS NANOWRIMO AND 20K I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! also good luck with getting a job and focusing on uni! don’t let that anxiety get ya 💕

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      1. YESSS OCTOBER 29th ❤ it's two days before Halloween ahhhh I wish we'd celebrate it here! And I know, I'll be 20 WHICH IS SO OLD. I DON'T WANNA BE 20 I WANNA STAY 19 FOREVERRRRR.

        aren't you a scorpio too????? when's your birthday??? (if you wanna say it)

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    1. OMG YOU CAN TOTALLY JOIN OUR BUDDY READ (if the others are okay with it??). Wait you don’t have twitter tho right 😭 we’ve made a twitter group chat to discuss it but let me just ask the others if we could do this differently!!!!

      Okay so… my art journal is going REALLY well I’ve been doing a mix of writing about my day and drawing/painting here and there and it’s been so much fun 💖 my writing journal however… not so much! I’m not sure if I’ll even make it in time for NaNo omg idek when to prep everything 😭


      Thank you so much my dear, I appreciate this 💓💞💖

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        It really is cool May, you should try it!!! It’s only been like a week but I’m already obsessed with journaling! 10/10 would recommend ❤

        wait, have you decided which story you wanna write about???

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      2. i have a bullet journal but it’s so ugly lol and it’s really just a list of books i want to read and posts i need to write! i do. wanna try it the “traditional” way tho like you see in all the YouTube videos! 😂


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  2. I am so scared of hype as well. I finally started Illuminae. It took me months to actually buy the book and then another few months to actually pick it up to read. Fortunately, I’m enjoying it so far. I’m also scared of the SoC hype. I’m participating in NaNo for the first time too! Good luck 🙂

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    1. I felt the same about Illuminae but it ended up being SO GOOD. I’m not sure about Six of Crows yet, I simply haven’t read enough to form an opinion about it yet! Ooh good luck to you too! We can do this 💪🏼

      Btw what’s your name on NaNo??? We can become writing buddies 😌

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  3. OH IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY MONTH AS WELL?! When is itttttt ❤ I feel like everyone's birthday is in October ahah 🙂
    I'm so, so excited for your buddy read of Warcross, I really hope you'll both enjoy it, I can't wait to hear what you both think of it 🙂
    Best of luck for your blogging goals, planning ahead really helps in feeling less stressed out, but… yes, sometimes it's a bit hard not to stress out anyway, haha. That's the story of my life. Also, you'll reach ALL the followers in like, NO TIME, because you're just that fabulous 😉
    Great post! ❤ ❤

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    1. YEEESSSS mine is on the 29th!!! And omg yes, I know of SO MANY bloggers whose birthday is in October, it’s mind-blowing! ❤️

      I can’t wait to finally read it! I’m sure I’ll love it because Marie Lu is just a genius!

      Thank you so much! I usually make a new to-do list every day to keep myself organised and it doesn’t always work out but it still helps to feel less stressed! I can’t help but worry anyways though 😂

      Thank you sooooo much Marie 💞

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  4. I totally forgot about Nanowrimo! It’s been years since I last joined… Can’t wait to see your inktober art, and hope you have fun on your readathon! I’m also planning on attending the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon 🙂

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  5. Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. I looooove the weather so much!

    Anyway, HEEEYYY I also plan on reading Six of Crows sometime this fall! And yes I’m also really worried it won’t live up to the hype!! I’d be sooo SOOO disappointed if I didn’t end up loving it like everyone else. But at the same time I have literally NEVER heard an unpopular opinion of Six of Crows so I’m pretty confident I’ll like it???? Idk mixed feelings!

    And I’m also thinking of starting an artsy journal like one of those aesthetic bullet journals. They just look SO gorgeous!! But I’m 0% artistic so I’ve no idea how that’s going to work out???

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    1. Yeeessss, Fall is one of my fav seasons! And I’ve just started Six of Crows and I haven’t really read enough to really say much about my opinion yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed—I just really hope it lives up to the hype 😭

      Oh yeah, I love watching videos on YouTube of people sharing their bullet journal art! I always get so motivated to do one of those myself! And don’t you worry, I’m like the least artistic person ever but I just try my best and some things actually turn out to look really pretty! And I find that simply making things colourful already helps a lot to make things look prettier 💓

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  6. Yay I believe in you you can complete these goals!! First off FALL BABY HERE and yes fall is the best season but where I am it’s still really warm and i’m disappointed??? Like i’ve been wearing shorts and ugh I just wanna pull out all my sweaters and leggings and boots.

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  7. Good luck with all your goals!! I’m super pumped for NaNo, I think I’ll shorten the writing goal to about 20k too, I definitely cannot write anywhere near 50k in one month! Starting a writing journal is a good idea, I have one but always forget to use it 😂 I’m also doing the 24h readathon, which I’m really excited about! I did it last time and it was surprisingly fun 😀 Good luck with finding a job, I’ve been to heaps of interviews and getting the experience in sitting in an interview helps lessen the anxiety each time you do it 💖

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    1. Thanks Charlotte! I’m not sure if I’ll even get ANY writing done—I might as well just use NaNo as an excuse to outline my novel and do some prep XD I have like 3 different journals right now but I really want to have one for writing only! I feel like it helps you to have an overview of what your story is about and things you need to work on etc. And I usually prefer reading things that are handwritten as opposed to things on a screen!

      Ooh yay, good luck with your 24h readathon! Will you be updating on Twitter or writing a blog post or something? I’d love to keep up with your progress XD

      Thank you! I should really just take the first step and get it over with—I’m sure I’d “get used” to doing interviews along the way! Thank you so much for this ❤ and good luck with NaNo too!

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      1. That’s something at least, and NaNo is a great opportunity to do any kind of writing! That’s true, reading something on a screen can really strain your eyes.

        Yes I’ll be doing updates on twitter for the readathon and will write a blog post about it 🙂

        Good luck to you too ❤️

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  8. #fallbabies ! Though my birthday isn’t until next month, but still! And I am 100% with you on the outrage over the fact that December is considered part of Fall. Like, what the hell? Sure, the weather might suggest it (at least up here in Northern Germany) but like, its Nikolaus and Advent and CHRISTMAS how can that possibly be part of Fall??? This makes no sense.

    I don’t think I need to tell you how excited/nervous I am for you to read Six Of Crows – we’ve all yelled at you about it already. I feel like we probably feel the same way about you reading SOC as you do about anyone reading Shatter Me! And I can’t wait for our buddy read of Warcross! It’s gonna be so exciting! Are you planning on reading any other books on Saturday too or do you plan to focus solely on Warcross?

    Best of luck on pre-writing a bunch of posts and reaching 600 followers! But don’t stress yourself out too much writing all those posts – we wouldn’t want you to burn yourself out! Though I probably should try and plan some posts for November too, so I don’t stress about it during NaNoWriMo. No one wants or needs that.

    Interviews are the worst. But weirdly enough, I’m usually able to fake some kind of confidence that I do NOT have? Like, I’m super nervous leading up to it but then once I’m in there I turn into someone who doesn’t hate doing them? It’s the weirdest thing. I really hope you’ll be able to work on your anxiety related to it though! I’m here to send any and all kinds of positive reinforcement and help in any way I can! ❤

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    1. Ahhhh when’s your birthday??? Are you still a scorpio (like me hehe) or do you have a different star sign??? AND SAME. I MEAN EVEN IF IT DOESN’T SNOW ALL YEAR (which is the case where I live most of the time lol) DECEMBER IS STILL WINTER. IT’S NOT FALL. EVEN IF IT RAINS ALL DAY. JUST NO. #outrageous

      Hahahaha yes, I feel like ever since I started reading SoC, THE WHOLE COMMUNITY started yelling at me. And YES it’s the exact same as me yelling about Shatter Me XD XD XD Oooooh I’m so pumped about our buddy read and the 24h readathon! I definitely want to read all of Warcross and I also need to read the first Harry Potter book for uni until Monday so I’ll try to read that as well! Not sure if I should pick any other books tho—I’m still in the middle of an ebook and an audiobook so if I want to switch things up, I might read those! What about you?

      Thank you! ❤ It always takes me like 2-3 hours to write and format a blog post which isn't very motivating lol. I now have my posts scheduled for next week which is good and I am hoping to think up some ideas for my November posts! I definitely want to have them pre-written by the end of October to have more free time for NaNo! Although I'm not sure I'll get much writing done for NaNo either oops 😛

      Omg that is so sweet, thank you! It's such a struggle because I WANT to do the interview and get a job but my mind is telling me that I can't and it's just frustrating! But thanks for your kinds words, and I'll definitely come back to that ❤ Oh and THANK YOU for this long comment, it made me so happy :')

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      1. November 18th and yes, I’m a scorpio too! 😀 Whenever it DOES snow here, I get excited like a little kid! I’ve made my siblings go outside at like 8PM because it started to snow and I wanted to be in the snow! And now that I live on my own, no way am I going to go outside at like 8 or 9PM by myself. No, thank you. There are weird people out at night. xD

        I still haven’t really made any progress in Wonder Woman so I might try and read that at some point too – depending on how long I sleep tomorrow and when I go grocery shopping. But I really want to actually get into that book already and make some good progress! I had read the first two chapters already when Leigh posted a link in one of her early newsletters, so I kind of knew what happened already (or like, somewhat. I’m old.)!

        Okay, how are you MADE to read Harry Potter for uni??? I wish we had to read FUN books in class instead of books that had the ability to put me to sleep. xD

        That is SUCH an annoying feeling to have! I totally get why you would be frustrated! ❤

        I love a good long comment every now and then! I'm happy to hear it made you happy! ❤

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      2. Woooo scorpios unite!!! XD Hahaha same, snow is so rare here AND IT MELTS SO QUICKLY so you just HAVE to go outside before it’s gone the next morning! But I know what you mean, I wouldn’t want to go outside with all the creepy people either XD thank god we have a garden so I can just go outside whenever, without being disturbed by the creeps XD

        That’s a good idea! I had a hard(ish) time getting into Wonder Woman too but once you do, you’ll get sucked right in and you won’t want to leave the story! By the way, will you try to read all of Warcross tomorrow, or just whatever you’ll manage? 🙂

        I DON’T KNOW! This semester is honestly SO great already, I’m reading some of the BEST books (and comics) and I have awesome lectures and actual WOKE teachers XD It’s a lot fun fun albeit stressful!

        ❤ ❤ ❤

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      3. I’m excited to hear that! And I feel like if it follows the movie’s story in any way, things are going to get really exciting once Diana and Alia actually leave the island!

        I 100% plan on finishing Warcross tomorrow! I haven’t read a book in a day since They Both Die At The End and I don’t have too much planned tomorrow, so I should definitely be able to do it! 😀

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      4. Ooh I haven’t even seen the movie! I didn’t know Alia actually plays a part in it ahhhh now I really want to watch it 😍 I wonder if my fav character Theo is in the movie as well…

        YAAAASSSSS AND YOU FINISHED!!!!! I’m so excited that we both managed to read it even though it wasn’t really a buddy read??? Lol but still, WE DID IT 💞


  9. Oh man…you look like you’ll be a busy bee. I need your ambition ha-ha! I’m actually hoping to start bullet journal-ling in November. Nothing crazy, but I want a fun way to keep track of both my blog posts and I’d like to do and other things like fitness and cleaning and self care 🙂 I always loved the idea of doing a bullet journal, so now I’ll attempt it 🙂 Also….HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! I wish I was a Fall baby, since Fall is my favourite season. I wish it was Fall weather 8 months of the year ha-ha!

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    1. Haha I don’t think I’ll manage to achieve half of these goals but we’ll see! Oh, I love bullet journaling! I don’t really do it the “traditional way” aka the way you see it done in all these bullet journal YouTube videos (that I’m so jealous of XD) but it’s a lot of fun! It helps me to stay organised and see what I have to do on a certain day/week/month and like you said, it’s a great way to keep track of all kinds of things! Good luck and have fun with your bullet journal! ❤ AND THANK YOU!!!

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  10. Hi Jackie!! Those are some awesome goals for October! Glad that you are giving nanowrimo a try- Nano has been such a big part of my journey as a writer, and I wouldn’t haven’t known how to persist and finish writing a novel if not for nanowrimo. Hoping to read more about your novel soon 🙂

    Yes I know exactly what you mean- if I don’t write an idea down, I WILL forget it, no matter how much I think I will remember it :’)

    All the best for October ❤

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    1. Thanks Sophie! I’m so excited and nervous to participate in NaNo but the community has been so supportive already and it hasn’t even begun yet! Will you be participating in NaNo this time around?

      That has happened to me too many times which is why I now write down EVERYTHING—no matter how big or small XD

      Thank you so much, Sophie! You too ❤

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      1. I’ve always had a great experience with nanowrimo! Enjoy! Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate this year because I am going to visit my family in China at the beginning of the month, and I want to be able to spend quality time with them 🙂 now that I (just) finished my novel I will soon start writing a new one though!

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  11. HELLO HELLO!!! I LOVE that you are rereading Shatter Me, I WANT TO JOIN TOO IF POSSIBLE OMG I’LL DIE. Also, so excited for you to read warcross and hear your thoughts., 24h of reading?!?!?!? I WANT TO DO THAT!!! happy birth month! From now on October shall be renamed Jackie- tober and we shall celebrate AT ALL TIMES. DUDE YOU HAVE SO MANY GOALS AND ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING AND YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH THEM ALL BECASUE YOU ARE GREAT. I also want to start a writing journal or start journaling more so I’m excited to be able to hold each other accountable!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESSSS I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS REREAD OMG IM GONNA DIE I MISS MY BABIES <33333 We're a group of 4 now but you can join us if you want!!! We're chatting over on Google Hangouts so you'd only need a Google account for that!

      AND YES I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE 24H READATHON. It's gonna be crazy and so exhausting but on the other hand SO WORTH IT. It's this Saturday aka tomorrow so if you have time, COME AND JOIN ME. ❤

      Thank you! hahahaha Jackie-tober should definitely be a thing XD BUT I KNOW, I DON'T THINK I'LL ACHIEVE ANY OF THESE GOALS BUT WE'LL SEE.

      And you should totally start journaling!!! I've now revived my old journal that I've abandonded in like 2015 and it's so much fun! Sometime I write about my day and other times I just draw in it or glue things in—I LOVE IT and it's so relaxing! 10/10 would recommend!


  12. Well, sorry for getting to this post super late ILY ❤

    – post frequently (i want to post every day but that's probably not going to happen)
    – comment back regularly!!!!!!

    I've kept a bullet journal! And… I haven't touched it in three months, I think. WELL THAT'S GREAT. In my opinion, it's obviously better to bottle up your emotions rather than releasing them. (JUST KIDDING DON'T DO THAT.)

    I play the piano and flute…. but I'm not very good at either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t be sorry my dear ❤️

      – ooooh I used to post every day but I had a lot more free time back then! once uni started again I was swamped and trying to post every day stressed me out to the max! BUT GOOD LUCK MAYBE YOU’LL DO IT BETTER THAN ME ❤
      – oh yes. comment back regularly. that's the thing I'm WORST at lol bye

      hahahaha nahhh let's not bottle up our emotional because it'll just end up in a nervous breakdown and i have enough of those :')

      i play the flute as well! I learned how to play it myself lol I thought it was super easy! #gifted

      Liked by 1 person


        lmao and same don’t worry!!! I’ve gotten better at commenting back but blog hopping??????? lol no XD


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  13. Oh wow, that’s a lot to do this season, good for you!! Let me knows how the writing journal process goes. I started one a couple of years back and it was great, but I found that it messed up w/ the timeline of my regular dairying so I stopped.

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