Why Audiobooks are The Most Excellent, Brilliant and Magnificent Invention of the Century……. or are they??? // A Discussion


I don’t even know if you can call this a discussion. What even IS a discussion????????


In July, I finally decided to sign up for Audible after a long long long consideration of whether I needed it or not—and because they had a great deal on Prime Day (5€ a month instead of 10€???? HELLOOOO???).

Since then, I’ve listened to a total of 3 audiobooks. I know, I’m slow and everything.

BUT YES, I NOW CALL MYSELF AN EXPERT ON ALL THINGS AUDIOBOOKS. Or rather, I feel like I’ve formed a solid opinion about audiobooks and I think I can discuss the topic with expertise and wit.

So that’s what’s happening here.

What are the pros and cons of audiobooks? Would I recommend getting an Audible subscription? Or do I absolutely hate them? Are audiobooks the bane of my existence???????? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT.




If you feel like reading, but you don’t actually want to read yourself aka with your own eyes—YOU CAN JUST PUT ON AN AUDIOBOOK. AND IT WILL READ FOR YOU.

Audiobooks are incredibly beneficial if you need a break from STARING at stuff.

Whether you’ve been doing school work and/or staring at a computer screen all day, reading paragraph after paragraph after PARAGRAPH for 6 hours straight—your eyes will start to hurt after some time (especially if you’re wearing glasses LIKE ME) and they will NEED A BREAK.

Guess what can help with that??????? Audiobooks.

I like to do things in my study breaks that don’t require me to use my eyes to concentrate on something (aka a text for school) so I either put on music, a TV show OR AN AUDIOBOOK.

And it’s just like someone is actually sat there right next to you, reading a book FOR you. Like you’re back in your childhood bed and your mum tucking you in an reading The Rainbow Fish for you :’)



Yeah. That certain someone who reads the book for you might have the most horrible speaking voice you’ve ever heard.

Personally, I am SOOOOOO picky when it comes to choosing an audiobook to listen to! I don’t have a problem with picking a book to listen to (because my TBR pile is endless) but if the narrator has an annoying voice or tone…….. BOY BYEEEE

I know that nobody can do anything about their voice butI can’t stand if the narrator has a squeaky voice, or does absolutely no intonation and stuff like that.


What I recommend is to always make sure to listen to the 5-minute snippet they provide you with before purchasing an audiobook! That way you can check beforehand if you click with the narrator’s voice or not!

And if you’ve only just realised in the middle of the book that you can’t stand the narrator, you can always give it back for free!




This is honestly the BEST thing about audiobooks. You can read a book WHILE DOING SOMETHING ELSE. AT THE SAME TIME.

Even if you don’t have the time to actually sit down and physically read a book because you have too much to do, you can still READ by listening. AND simultaneously doing something else!

You can listen to an audiobook while…

  • doing your makeup
  • cleaning your room
  • going to school/uni/work
  • eating
  • working out
  • being on a roadtrip
  • or an airplane
  • OOH how about on a rollercoaster ride???
  • XD
  • (i’m running out of ideas here)
  • bye




On the one hand, audiobooks are fantastic because you can do multiple things while reading a book.

However, there are some situations in which you just CAN’T listen to an audiobook while doing something else.

You can’t listen to an audiobook while:

  • reading
  • writing
  • studying
  • #that’s it

Physcially reading a book or an assignment for school while simultaneously listening to an audiobook??? Impossible. You either absorb the audiobook OR whatever you’re reading—never both.

Writing while listening to an audiobook at the same time??? Big mistake. That is never gonna work. You’re gonna end up with a crappy piece of writing or 2 hours of your audiobook lost in TRANSLATION MAYBE I ASKED FOR TOO MUCH AND MAYBE THIS THING WAS A MASTERPIECE TIL YOU TORE IT ALL UP.

Sorry. My inner Taylor Swift fangirl couldn’t NOT sing the lyrics to her most iconic song.

I didn’t really list too many examples for why it’s NOT smart to listen to an audiobook while doing something else BUT YOU GET THE GIST. RIGHT?!




This is another FANTASTIC thing about audiobooks. If you’re like me and you take AGES to fall asleep because you’re over-thinking and panicking and your brain just won’t shut up, REACH FOR THAT AUDIOBOOK.

If you like listening to calming music to fall asleep, you’re going to LOOOOOVE audiobooks!

No matter where in the story you’re at (even if it’s an action-packed scene), the steady voice of a narrator telling you a story will help you fall asleep.


Having a calming, steady voice in your ear that you can focus on relaxes the body and the mind and soothes you to sleep. IT’S AWESOME. 10/10 would recommend.



I don’t know if this is actually a thing because this never happened to me BUT SCIENTIFIC STUDIES SHOW THAT THIS CAN HAPPEN (wow jackie now you’re just making things up to seem smart) (spreading fake news in your first discussion post??? orange potato head would be #disappointed)


But I feel like if it’s a really exciting book with plot twists left and right, it might keep you up because it’s so exciting and you won’t want to stop listening??? Maybe???

Raise your hand if that ever happened to you lol.



I don’t want to make this post to long which is why I will leave it at that (aka the fake news DAMN).

I know that there’s plenty of other reasons that speak FOR and AGAINST audiobooks and I’m sure plenty of bloggers have spoken about this topic before. However, I wanted to highlight MY personal reasons why I love/hate dislike (but mostly love) audiobooks!

This was a fairly neutral discussion but overall, I LOVE AUDIOBOOKS. I’ve only been listening to them for a short amount of time but I’m so in love and obsessed! I’d recommend trying them out!

I LOVE DOING OTHER THINGS WHILE LISTENING TO AN AUDIOBOOK. Sometimes when I’m on my way home from uni I’m too exhausted to read an ebook so I put on an audiobook and I don’t have to strain my eyes any more than I already have that day!

Audiobooks aren’t for everyone and I get why people don’t like them—BUT I LOVE EM.

What is your opinion on audiobooks? Love? Hate? Neutral? Never tried them? Do you agree with my reasoning? What other reasons can you think of that speak for/against audiobooks? Are there any audiobooks with phenomenal narrators that you can recommend???? Let’s chat in the comments!


79 thoughts on “Why Audiobooks are The Most Excellent, Brilliant and Magnificent Invention of the Century……. or are they??? // A Discussion

  1. I’m fairly new to audios but I do love them. I mostly listen in the car but sometimes while out for a walk. Not in bed because I’d probably fall asleep and lose my place, or I would end up with weird dreams.

    Narrator does make such a difference. Stephen Fry is brilliant and I’m currently loving Michael Sheen reading Book of Dust. Next up I’m going to try Richard Armitage I think.

    I find Audible a bit pricey so I usually borrow audios on Overdrive.

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    1. Oh, I’d totally listen to them in the car if I had my own! I also tend to listen to them on my way to work or when I get ready for the day!

      Ohhh thanks for sharing these, I’ll definitely check out some of the books they’ve narrated!

      We don’t have Overdrive in my country but I’d definitely make use of that if I had the chance!

      Thanks for sharing 💗

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  2. I really like the idea of audiobooks. Sometimes you want to do stuff while reading, and it’s nice if it’s being read to you, so you don’t have to go around one-handed. On the other hand I like making voices for the characters in my head, and having someone read it out loud for me can throw me off

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    1. Exactly—the best thing about audiobooks is being able to multi-task! And sometimes my eyes just don’t feel like concentrating but I’m still able to read thanks to audiobooks 😂

      but I totally get what you mean with the voices! That’s also why I’m so picky with narrators.. if they’re doing a bad job narrating, I stop listening and pick up the book to read it myself and make up my own voices in my head 😂

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  3. I’m with you on being picky about the narrators… Audiobooks frankly take WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more time to listen to than they are to read… so if I have to sit and listen to an annoying voice it is NOT going to work… And I find I can’t multi-task as much as I thought because I actually think to do stuff… *sigh* Still they are fun and can totally change the reading experience of the right book! ❤ Congratulations on your first discussion Jackie!!!

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    1. Exactlyyyy I’m so glad you understand Dani XD I’m so glad that there are snippets you can listen to before purchasing the audiobook so I can tell right from the start whether I’m going to like a narrator or not! And I get what you mean! I can only ever multi-task while listening to an audiobook when it’s a mindless activity like getting ready in the morning or travelling on the bus while looking out the window 😂

      Thank you so much Dani ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Um, audiobooks will 100% keep you up all night if the story is really freaking fantastic and you just NEED to know what happens next. It’s happened to me multiple times already!

    I don’t think I need to say how i feel about the topic as I shared an entire post myself and constantly talk about my love for audiobooks! But just like you I’m quite picky with narrators! I recently wanted to get History Is All You Left Me but I didn’t like the narrator so I ended up not going with it. I don’t want to listen to hours of a book if i know I won’t like the person talking at me. No, thank you!

    And YES to multitasking! Yesterday, i went on a walk to our local Tedi to have a look around for some wrapping paper & decorating items and since my brother refused to join me, I just put on my audiobook and listen to it while I was out shopping! I got a good 2 hours into the book (at twice the speed though) and it was FANTASTIC.

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    1. Hahahaha YAY that’s good to hear! Now you’ve confirmed that the last point I mentioned is ACTUALLY valid 😂

      Oh right! I completely forget about your post, I totally wanted to check it out! But I know how much you love audiobooks, I feel like you always finish one after another after ANOTHER. Meanwhile it takes me like over a month to finish an entire audiobook XD

      UGH YES. I get suuuuper picky with narrators and if it’s a voice that I can’t stand, I won’t even purchase the audiobook in the first place!

      AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT YOU’RE ABLE TO MULTI-TASK WHILE READING. I get why people think audiobooks are “cheating” but I personally don’t think so??? And I always listen at the original speed haha XD


  5. This is such a great post, Jackie, you did AWESOME on your first discussion 😀 I have to admit… well, I never tried reading an audiobook, so I can’t really share my thoughts here on the pros or cons of this. I think I’m quite scared that, when reading an audiobook, I can’t really focus as much on the story as when I’m reading it?! I don’t know if that makes sense. The fact that we can do tons of things while listening to an audiobook, makes me feel like I’ll lose my focus on the book, if I’m listening while on a road trip or something? That sounds weird? I don’t know ahah, anyway I should try it someday 😛

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    1. Thank you SO much Marie, that means a lot! ❤️ and I used to be the same as you! I’d always see all these bloggers gushing about audiobooks but I had no interest in trying them out for the same reason? Like I just thought I’d get distracted so easily and it’d be impossible to focus—and while that is true most of the time, I found a few things I can do while being able to focus on an audiobook and I’ve just been in love ever since 😂 I can only ever really listen to an audiobook if I’m not doing something that involved ACTUAL thinking like you said, a road trip or something similar! But doing my makeup or cleaning my room are mindless activities and perfect for audiobooks! 🙂

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  6. I’ve only listened to one audiobook but I think I’m pretty neutral. I found the audiobook I listened to actually helped me like the book. I’d tried reading it some months before and couldn’t get into it. The audiobook kinda gave it a voice. ( That sounds weird. I know but it worked) On the other hand you’re defiantly right about some narrators. I always listen to that five minute snippet. I’m fussy when it comes to narrators in general over some of my college lecturers. They either make you love it or put you to sleep. I also find it relaxing to listen to an audiobook while doing a jigsaw.( I do jigsaws for stress relief) It’s like an utopia with an audiobook included. So yeah I like them but I do have to say if Amazon audible isn’t available to you they are hella expensive😳

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    1. Oh that makes sense! The first audiobook I listened to was The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and the narrator was INCREDIBLE and sounded exactly like I’d have imagined the main character to sound like! It was brilliant 🙂 ooooh yes, I always like doodling or journaling to help me relax and it’s even better when I’m able to listen to an audiobook! But you’re right, they’re soooo expensive it’s unreal! I’m so thankful that Audible makes them somewhat affordable 😩


  7. Awesome post! I’m pretty neutral when it comes to audio books, I’ve never tried them so I can’t really have a proper opinion on them yet! I do wish they did samples of the audio book so we could hear the narrator and see if you like their voice, like you said, because that would be so so useful!

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  8. You know, I have never tried audio books. I can see why they’re a great idea and I feel like I could get a lot of stuff done while listening to a book, but part of me feels like it’s cheating??? And I don’t know why. But I just feel like you’re not really reading if you’re listening.. Also, my dad listens to audiobooks at night and then has to re-listen to most of it because he fell asleep..

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    1. I get that! Audiobooks are great for multi-tasking and it’s so cool that you can do other things while basically reading! I personally don’t really see it as cheating because it’s still a book and it usually takes longer to listen to an audiobook than to actually read the book yourself XD the opinions on this topic vary, but I understand why both sides think the way they do!


  9. I’ve listened to one audiobook in my life. TOTALLY AN EXPERT NOW. I think it’s great! I THINK THEY ARE GREAT. And I feel like I should sign up to Audible. BUT I JUST…gahhh I love physical books. And while I think if you are tired/lazy/intense eyeball hurting audibooks are great, sometimes my mind just…WANDERS OFF. #oops. I love the organisation of this post, GOOD DISCUSSION JACKIE!

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    1. YAYYY one audiobook is enough to make you an expert djdjskks at least in my opinion XD and I only signed up for Audible because they had a great deal at the time! I still spend all my money on physical books lol I usually only listen to a book as an audiobook if I KNOW I don’t want to purchase it… if that makes sense? THANK YOU ILSA ❤️


  10. I enjoy audiobooks too and a good narrator makes a lot of difference… I have also enjoyed listening to some books which I have already read, it has just made me appreciate the books more…

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      1. That’s totally what I have felt.. Sometimes I go too fast while reading a book because i wanna know everything that’s happening.. While listening to it later, it’s like I get to savor the experience more…

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  11. I LOVE audiobooks! I end up driving a lot during the week, and, as upsetting as it is, they still haven’t invented a way for me to read and drive at the same time! But audiobooks are as close as it gets! They make it so I can “read” another book or two a month that I just didn’t have time to read before!

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  12. I’ve actually never listened to an audiobook before?! I’m not really sure why exactly, but yeah, I haven’t. :/ I definitely need to though – any recommendations? I get what you mean about being picky about voices – I’m exactly the same! I’m super fussy about how things are read, which is one reason why maybe I’m not too inclined to listen to one? Plus, when I’m reading, I tend to give characters they’re own voice, so I feel like that may ruin it for me? I don’t know, we’ll see.

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    1. Don’t worry, I’ve only been getting into audiobooks recently! The one I started out with was The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and it was BRILLIANT. The narrator was fantastic and I thought he was the perfect voice for the main character! I’ve also listened to Nyxia and Autoboyography and they’re both great too! And I totally get what you mean! I like reading and imagining my own voices in my head which is why I only ever listen to a select few audiobooks!

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      1. Oh okay, I haven’t read that book yet (it’s on my tbr) so will have to have a look at it! Autoboyography is on my tbr too, although I haven’t really heard much about Nyxia? What is it about? 🙂

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      2. Sorry for replying so late! Nyxia is basically The Hunger Games in space??? They are 10 contestants who have to fight for a spot to get to Eden which is this place (in space) where some weird creatures live and they need to be slain—but Nyxia is all about the competition between the contestants and it reminds me very much of THG! It’s fantastic!

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  13. I love audio books! I don’t get why some people say it’s “not reading” though. You’re experiencing the story, just in a different way. But anyway, I love seeing all your pros and cons as well. They really help with long trips/plane rides/etc.; they save my sanity every time I have a long trip ahead. I did a post about my favorite narrators if you’re interested in any recommendations 🙂

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    1. I agree with you! So many people say listening to audiobooks is cheating but I personally don’t think so! You’re still reading an entire book after all, it’s just a different format XD yessss listening to an audiobook while going on a longer journey is incredible! Thanks! And I’ll make sure to check that one out, do you maybe have a link? 🙂

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  14. Great post, Jakie! You know, honestly, I never even thought about audiobooks before this post but now, I’ definitely going to try them!! Where do you find good audiobooks for free, just out of curiosity??

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  15. I totally agree! I listen to book during my 1 hour commute to work and read at night. I tend to be picky about narrators too.

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  16. I’ve never really tried an audiobook… 🙈 I mean at school I’ve listened to some while reading the book? And I always read ahead because they were speaking too slow. :’) I feel like if I listened to an audiobook on my own tho, I’d need to have a copy of the book to read along with bc I’m a visual person and I’m not going to get anything out of just listening to a book. But then I’ll read ahead and then there’s no use for the audiobook. 😂😂

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    1. GIRRRRRLLLL you should. I was super hesitant at first but now I think they’re the best invention EVER (hence the title of this post hehe plugplugplug). And soooo many people read along while listening to an audiobook but I tried it once and I hated it??? It was either me being too fast and reading ahead or if I changed the speed, the narrator was too fast and I couldn’t keep up! I definitely prefer separating both things XD

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  17. I tried audiobooks recently. I thought it would be a good way to keep up with my huge TBR while doing other things (ironing, crafts, etc.) Perhaps I started with the wrong book, but after only three chapters I decided that this medium is just not for me. I would rather read the words myself – putting my own stamp on it. The book was set in France and the narrator had a French accent. It could have added to my enjoyment, but sadly it seemed to detract from it…

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  18. I also only got into audiobooks recently, but I’m totally loving them so far! I do tend to be sort of picky about the narrator, and I certainly don’t like them as much as a real print book, but all if a sudden I can be productive while reading! Honestly my biggest problem with audiobooks is that they take two or three times as long as a print book for me. Like, a book that I can read in four or five hours make a twelve hour long audiobook.

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    1. That it so good to hear! You’re one of the few people who commented on this post who actually likes audiobooks 😂 oh yes, that’s what I hate about audiobooks as well! But I just love the practicality of them like you’re able to do something else while basically reading a book! It’s so cool!

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      1. It is so cool! And it means I don’t need to feel guilty about reading when I have other stuff that needs to be done.


  19. Audiobooks, 100 percent, all the way.
    Well, maybe not 100 percent. I still do some of the old-school reading with my eyes, but you know.
    A friend actually got me onto Audiobooks (wow, sound like a drug much?) because he would use it while running, and found he could go a lot farther (still sounds like a drug) because of how much it distracted him.
    As for recommendations, I didn’t read the comments, but if nobody said Harry Potter, they should have. Those are legendary. The audiobook is, hands down, the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to enter the Wizarding World. A-maze-ing.

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    1. It’s great to see another audiobook supporter! Haha that was actually fun, but I totally get what you mean! I should definitely try running while listening to an audiobook, I think it could make exercising a lot more fun!
      Oh man, how have I never thought of listening to the Harry Potter books????? I can only imagine how incredible those would be on audiobook! Thanks for reminding me 🙂

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      1. No problem! Also, if you’re a Star Wars fan, the audiobook versions of Star Wars novels are usually pretty awesome. They’ll have sound effects and music added into the background of the narration, almost like an audio drama!



    audiobooks?? nah… i mean i understand if you like them (lots of people do) but i find it really weird to listen to someone speak. usually i get too distracted by what their voice sounds like and start daydreaming and drowning out the sound xD physical books are the best but ebooks are cool too; just not audiobooks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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      anyway, I completely understand why you wouldn’t like audiobooks! I was like that at first and surprisingly changed my mind—but they’re definitely not for everyone! Ohhh yes, physical books have been and always will be the BEST format of books!

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        to be honest, I’ve only ever heard one audiobook?? so idk if I’m being fair in my judgement :/ but who cares because I read way faster than people speak :p (i’m bragging so much omg sorry)

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  21. I’ve only ever listened to one audiobook. It was How to Train Your Dragon, narrated by David Tennant with his amazing Scottish accent, which was a really fun experience! I find that I really need to concentrate on what I’m hearing, so there’s not much room for other tasks while I do it. But I still want to listen to a few more.

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  22. OK, I tried to do something about boring audiobooks. How about an audiobook about a struggling artist gets a lifetime commission, but discovers his perfect patron has ulterior motives? It’s very different, it’s very fun, it’s very free. (click to my WordPress site)


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