Hello! My name is Jackie and this is my precious little blog Too Much of a Booknerd!

I have been a passionate book lover ever since I taught myself how to read at about 4 years old. Yes, I was that girl in kindergarden who read stories to everyone all day every day but I never complained. As long as I could share these stories with the other kids, I was happy!

If anyone cares, our favourite story was “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister!

I’m an English Major in my first year at university and I truly am enjoying it so far! I have been reading and watching movies/TV shows in English since I was about 12 and I haven’t stopped purchasing books since then. My mum has begun to get annoyed at the fact that she has to open the door every other week to see another parcel filled with books being delivered but I can’t help it! I bet you can relate 😛

I mostly read Young Adult novels, particularly Fantasy and anything that has romance in it. I will also pick up cute contemporary novels (especially in the summer time) but I am open to almost every genre!

When I am not reading I like to binge watch different TV shows, have a dance party by myself or bake cakes and cookies for my family.

If you haven’t noticed yet, you will notice soon enough that I thoroughly enjoy using the exclamation mark! And questions marks!!! And paraphrases!!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to leave a message, I’d love to become friends!

You can find me on Twitter and Goodreads or contact me via my Contact Form.

Happy reading!


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