Hiatus Announcement/Taking a short Blogging Break

Hey guys!

I wanted to quickly write this post to let you guys know that I’ll be taking a short break from blogging!

February is almost over (HOW TF DID IT PASS BY SO FAST) and I realised I haven’t done a single thing for my exam in March so I thought I’d use these last few days to intensively work on my revision notes. I want to have all my study notes done so I don’t have to stress about it in March.

I also want to work on my blogging game since I’ve been feeling pretty MEH lately. Swetlana has recently posted photos of her entire blogging schedule for March and it has inspired me to also plan ahead and schedule some posts!

I will most likely be back by March 6th aka THE DAY RESTORE ME COMES OUT DHSJDJJS 10 DAYS GUYS. 10!!! DAYS!!!!!! I’m so excited and SO. NOT. READY. but omggsjdj can you believe we’re so close!!!

So yeah, I wanted to actually ANNOUNCE my hiatus this time (even if it’s a short one) because I hate how I just disappear for an entire month without saying a word 😂

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in March!




Hiya everyone!

This has been a long time coming… I mean I’ve kind of hinted at it in my June Wrap Up and I’ve also been telling some of my fellow blogger friends about it but…

as you can already tell by the title, I hereby am announcing my hiatus!


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Summer 2017 Bookish Bingo


The Summer 2017 Bookish Bingo is hosted by Bekka @ Pretty Deadly Reviews! I am looking forward to this because it’s the first time I am participating in a Bingo challenge! I’ve wanted to participate in some sort of bingo challenge ever since I saw Diversity Bingo around on Twitter!

I am not going to set a TBR for this one because you guys KNOW how bad I am at sticking to my TBRs *cough* mood reader *cough*! And I have several books on my shelves that fit into more than one category sooooo I want to leave my options open!

This challenge is taking place from June to August so I’ll have plenty of time to get as many Bingo’s as possible 😛

I will post monthly updates – either in my Wrap Up’s or a seperate post!

Originally, I’ve come across this challenge when I saw the participation post of Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense! So thanks for that!

PS. You can still sign-up for the Summer 2017 Bookish Bingo here!



Have you ever participated in a Bingo Challenge? Will you sign-up for the Summer 2017 Bookish Bingo? Any other challenges you are participating in over the summer? Let’s chat in the comments!

A Very Fangirly Book Haul (20+ books because I love making my bank account suffer)


I got back from my Poland trip on Tuesday but I wanted to take 2 more days off instead of immediately diving back into blogging and stressing myself out again.

In the last couple of days/weeks, I’ve been feeling very drained and I was stressed out to the MAX because I felt so pressured to write posts, comment on everyone’s posts, do some blog-hopping, write some more posts and so on and I almost considered taking a break!

But then my Poland trip came along and I pre-wrote a few posts that would go up while I was away. I visited my family for a few days and it was a lot of fun and a great time to relax and not worry about any obligations (including blogging)!

It was really good for me and I had time to reflect and think about some changes I wanted to make to my blog (especially schedule- and content-wise) and I am back to being motivated and HAVING FUN again. Blogging shouldn’t feel like an obligation and I’m glad that I was able to get rid of the pressure that I’ve been putting on myself!

Soooo, let’s hope that I’ve learned my lesson!

But enough about me and my #stressedout self.

As you can tell by the title, this will be a humongous book haul! I’ve accumulated all of these books in April and May even though I’ve technically been on a book buying ban but that obiviously didn’t work out LOL. Continue reading “A Very Fangirly Book Haul (20+ books because I love making my bank account suffer)”

New Feature – one last choice to make! (answer the poll) (please) (*puppy eyes*)

Hey everyone!

I just need you to answer this quick poll to help me decide on a name for my new blog feature/segment/meme! 😀

I have decided that I will turn it into a weekly meme! You guys have been so sweet and supportive and a lot of you have said that they would love to participate in this! And it makes me super happy to hear that! 😀 😀 😀

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I am starting a new segment! Check out my post to know the basic idea of it!)

You guys have been suggesting Jackie Fangirls Fridays or Jackie’s Fangirl Fridays which I LOVE!!!! ❤ I have been brainstorming with my lovely friend Isabella who is literally my FANGIRL PARTNER IN CRIME (<3) and we came up with Fierce Fangirl Friday and Fangirl Feels Friday. 

Sooooo all I need from you now is to decide which name to pick! 🙂


I literally have everything ready for this meme EXCEPT FOR THE NAME! I’m sooo indecisive and I need it to be perfect lol so choose whichever you like best! And if you have two favourites, feel free to comment them down below!



Announcement: New Feature/Segment (but I need your help!!!)


IT’S TIME…………………………….

As promised, I am bringing you A NEW ORIGINAL SEGMENT/FEATURE OF MINE!!!! AHHHHHH!!! ❤

Alright, before I reveal anything, let’s dive into a little bit of backstory here;

Ever since I created my blog, maybe even before that, I knew that I wanted to have an original meme/segment/tag WHATEVER of my own but my super uncreative mind just couldn’t come up with something.

Last week, I was quite busy and I was thinking about the million things I still had to do for uni, my blog, life lol and I was scheduling and organising things in my head………. and then it just HIT ME. Like a brick.

Jackie Fangirls.

That name just randomly popped into my head and it stuck there for a while.

So I was thinking: “HEY! This totally reflects me and my personality!” I DO love some healthy fangirling 😀 I tend to get overly excited about (A LOT) of things. I start writing in all caps and use 500 different emojis to express my feelings and emotions. 

So I thought why not turn this into a weekly segment/meme/feature (I don’t know what to call this)! 😀

Whenever I have something, anything to fangirl about, I will post about it! This doesn’t always have to do with books – you can fangirl about TV shows, music, celebrities, a recent meal you had, ANYTHING!

I think it’s a really cool idea!!!!! 😀



QUESTION: Which name do you like better Jackie Fangirls or Fangirl Friday?


Jackie Fangirls makes it more personal and I won’t be constricted to post on a certain day in the week! 

Fangirl Friday sounds a lot more neutral/universal and I could turn this into a weekly thing where YOU GUYS can join in! Kind of like a meme! 😀

So tell me which name you like better because I can’t decide! 😀


SECOND QUESTION: Would anyone be interested if I actually turned this into a (weekly) feature? Where other bloggers can join? That one would definitely be called Fangirl Friday then to make it more universal 😛


And this would be a weekly or bi-weekly, monthly, whenever-you-feel-like-you-need-to-fangirl-about-something thing where everyone just fangirls about whatever they want to fangirl about!

(I will post a more “official” description of this meme, explaining the “rules” or guidelines in my next post if people are actually interested in it.)

So, please tell me if you’d be interested!!! 🙂

And I feel like I have to mention this – I googled “Fangirl Friday” and I’ve seen some people who made this a thing on their blogs, each had a different interpretation of what their own Fangirl Friday is. Pretty much all of the posts I’ve seen were from a couple years ago (like 2013) and their blogs are now abandoned. I don’t want to be accused of being a copy-cat because I literally just googled it like half an hour ago and I had no idea that this existed.

SO would you suggest that I call this Jackie Fangirls just so I’m in the clear??? Or is Fangirl Fridays alright??? Since it’s been abandonded by most of the other bloggers??? And I could like “revive” it?! I’m so insecure and nervous about this lol sorry for asking all these questions 😛

Anyway, that’s it for the announcement for now! Pleeeaasssseeee help me decide by answering my questions! 

My first “Fangirl-post” (depending on what name I will decide upon) will be up on Friday (including an official description, graphics and all…).

Thank you for reading!


If you’ve already forgotten what the questions were: Which name do you like better JACKIE FANGIRLS or FANGIRL FRIDAY? And would you be interested if I turned this into a weekly features where YOU can join in? That one would have to be called Fangirl Friday then. What about the “copying” thing? Let’s chat in the comments!

Spring Cleaning – New Theme, New Design, NEW EVERYTHING

Spring is here – well, it has been here for a while now lol – and I was in the mood to do some organising, cleaning, designing and just CHANGE in general! You may also want to call this Spring Cleaning 😀 So I thought why not start with my blog!

I’ve been meaning to change my theme and general blog design for a while AND I FINALLY DID IT!!!! You might have already seen it – or you haven’t lol.

If you’re reading this in your WordPress Reader… ummmmmm what are you doing, GO CHECK OUT MY NEW BLOG DESIGN!!! Please? 😀

I’m quite happy with how it all turned out! As you might (or might now) know, blue is my favourite colour and I am in love with all the different shades of blue/teal/turquoise etc that are now all over my blog ❤

cheers (7)

So, about the theme…… STORYTIME!!!!! 😀

I’ve had the Button theme since I started my blog and I think it must be the most popular theme on WordPress! I’ve seen a ton of people who use it, too! And I honestly didn’t mind it because I DO think it is so neat and cute – but I felt like it was time for something different!

I found a few themes that I really liked! I even picked one and already started re-designing everything! The theme looked so pretty with the Default Header from WordPress – but once I changed it and uploaded my own, it just looked….. weird.

SO, I kept looking for themes but none really ~spoke~ to me the way Sela did! I feel like Sela is the runner-up when it comes to WordPress themes. AND I LOVE IT! It’s so simple but so PRETTY! So, I ended up with Sela and I love it. :’)

I know that a lot of people have Sela as their theme but I honestly don’t mind! I still think every blog looks SO different! Everyone has their own individual headers and graphics, colours and structure, and it makes every blog unique! And I don’t really pay too much attention to someone’s theme, I think I look a lot more at the graphics and the content!

SOOOO, check out my lovely new theme and my header and all the pretty blueeesss! *heart eyes*

AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! PLEASE! If something looks off, tell meeeee!!! Pretty pleaseeee! 😀



To start off, let me just tell you that I’m no graphic designer and I can’t create pretty-looking graphics FOR THE LIFE OF ME!

But I found a few super cute design freebies and I decided to use them and create my own headers with them! You may have already seen a few new graphics!

Check out the super simple but cute graphic for my tags!

Credit for the lovely flower-y pattern 😛

I also created some dividers but I’m not quite sure yet if I’ll be using them! I’ll have to play around with it and see if I like it! 🙂

I also have headers that I would use like the ones in this post but I don’t know if I like these yet… I’m still looking for a pretty flower-y pattern so actually… just ignore these headers! They’re only temporary! Or maybe not? I don’t know yet 😀

cheers (8)
Credit to Angie Makes for the pink watercolored thingy lol

Hmm, what else?

I still have a few graphics for memes (T5W, TTT) and stuff that I need to create so I’m still working on that but you’ll see them in my future posts! 🙂

That’s all the graphics I have for now!

ANOTHER THING that came along with my Spring Cleaning…… I just really wanted to create something original for my blog! And I can finally say…….

…….I have an idea for a new original segment for my blog YAYYYY!!! I’ll tell you more about it and give you information in a new post on Sunday so GET EXCITED BECAUSE I’M QUITE EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!! 😀

Sooooo, I think this is it for now! I really hope you like what you see 😀

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

OH BY THE WAY… I have also created a cute lil button thingy to sign off (is that the right word???) my posts YAY!

Annnndddddd here comes my button!!!! ❤

Credit to Angie Makes for the blue watercolored square

So what do you think? Do you like my new theme and the header for my blog? What do you think about my graphics? Does the lil button with my name on it look good? Is there anything that looks off/things that I should change? Please let me know!!! And what do you think about dividers? Do you use them? Should I use them? Let’s chat in the comments!

Be my Goodreads friend!


Look at this cool graphic I created, I’m quite proud of myself! Usually, I SUCK at this! 😀 cheers to Canva for being so easy and fun!


this is just a short post to invite all of you to (be-)friend me on Goodreads!

I’ve seen Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional do this – shoutout to her for the inspiration! You should totally follow her blog and add her on Goodreads, she is just AWESOME! ❤ Her blog is the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing thing I’ve ever come across!

Anyway… I follow very few of my fellow blogger friends on Goodreads and I’ve been meaning to add more of you guys! But I don’t have the time (or motivation, if we’re being honest) to go through everyone’s blog and look for their Goodreads profile – so this is your personal invitation to send me a friend request on Goodreads (yes, that is a link)!

I will accept everyone so don’t be shy! Or if you’re too lazy, please feel free to leave your Goodreads profile in the comments and I will add you! And if you don’t want to add me at all, just ignore this 😛

Also, if you have a Twitter and you’re interested in seeing me lose my shit over Warnette every once in a while and (of course) tweet about bookish things, feel free to follow me on Twitter (yes, this is another link)! I am currently “live-tweeting” ACOTAR, if you’re interested 😀

That’s pretty much it! Thanks for reading 😀

Jackie x

The Castaways Blog Tour | Author Interview + Giveaway!

Welcome to the wonderful The Castaways blog tour hosted by YA Reads! This is my very first blog tour, how excitingggg! I was lucky enough to interview Jessika Fleck, the lovely and super sweet author of The Castaways! Check out my interview below!

Author Interview
  1. First of all, describe what the book/story is about in one sentence. (It can be a long sentence!)

The Castaways is a story about finding your strength, learning to trust yourself and others, great adventure, finding family in unlikely situations, and survival.

  1. How did you come up with the idea for this book?

The idea for The Castaways came to me in two parts. First off, a friend of mine was going through a really rough time with her daughter being bullied at school. It was heartbreaking and horrifying and left me at a loss that such things happened so regularly and in plain sight of teachers and administrators and other students. It just isn’t right. As all of that was sort of percolating in my mind, Halloween came along and my husband and I took our daughters on the obligatory pumpkin patch excursion. Of course, we visited the corn maze. And, of course, it was as creepy and beautiful and mysterious as it always is. At one point we decided to split up — one adult with one kid — and race to the finish. Well, I had our youngest daughter who wasn’t at all interested in getting out of there and so we just ambled through the crooks and bends and dead-ends. And that’s when it hit me: what a perfect place to run away when you’re trying to hide. And that was pretty much the beginning of The Castaways. The rest, honestly, spiraled into place.

  1. Are any of the characters based on people you know in real life?

No. Anticlimactic, I know. Really though, they’re all completely from my imagination.

  1. What was your hardest scene to write?

Without giving away any spoilers, one of my most difficult scenes to write also happens to be one of my favorites. When Olive arrives on the island, she’s taken in by one group of kids, but ends up pretending to be knocked out. Eyes closed, she tries to figure out what’s going on, who’s who, what sort of shelter she’s in, if these people are kind or not, etc… Being in Olive’s point-of-view, I had to explain everything minus her visual cues. Also, this is the first scene the reader meets anyone from the island and there are four characters, other than Olive, in one room. It was a great challenge and so fun to write.

  1. As a writer, what would you choose as a mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

Does a patronus work? 😉 If so, mine would be a snowy owl.

  1. What is the first book that made you cry?

I doubt this is the first, but it’s the first I can really recall… Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I read it in high school. It still haunts (in all the good ways) me to this day.

  1. If The Castaways was being made into a movie, whom would you pick to play the lead roles?

In a perfect, dreamy world, Olive would be played by Odeya Rush. Will by Devon Bostick.

  1. And finally, what’s next? Are you working on another book?

Currently, I’m deep into revisions for my next YA fantasy, The Offering (Swoon Reads, fall 2018) as well as working on revising my first MG project (yay!) for my agent. Very exciting, stressful times over here! I’m basically living on coffee and chocolate.

About the book

Book Title: The Castaways

Author: Jessika Fleck

Release Date: April 3, 2017

Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

Purchase Links: Goodreads / Amazon US / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Amazon UK / Amazon Canada / Entangled Publishing

“The Castaway Carnival: fun, mysterious, dangerous. Renowned for its infamous corn maze… and the kids who go missing in it.

When Olive runs into the maze, she wakes up on an isolated and undetectable island where a decades-long war between two factions of rival teens is in full swing. Trapped, Olive must slowly attempt to win each of her new comrades’ hearts as Will—their mysterious, stoically quiet, and handsome leader—steals hers.

Olive is only sure about one thing: her troop consists of the good guys, and she’ll do whatever it takes to help them win the war and get back home. But victory may require more betrayal, sacrifice, and heartbreak than she’s ready for.”

About the author

Jessika Fleck is an author, unapologetic coffee drinker, and knitter — she sincerely hopes to one day discover a way to do all three at once. Until then, she continues collecting vintage typewriters and hourglasses, dreaming of an Ireland getaway, and convincing her husband they NEED more kittens. Her work verges on fantastical and dark with a touch of realism. She is a regular contributor to the fantastic kidlit blog, Kidliterati, and is represented by Victoria Marini of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.

Connect with Jessika Fleck:

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Newsletter

Enter the Giveaway

Click the link below to win a prize pack including a The Castaways paperback + swag OR an Amazon gift card in the case of an international winner.

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Follow the tour

You can follow the rest of the tour over here!

I have also reviewed The Castaways on my blog before, so check that out if you haven’t already! Simply click hereeee!

Thank you for reading!

Jackie x