Review Policy

*I am currently accepting books for review.*

To start off, I’d like to mention that I am by no means a professional reviewer! Blogging is a hobby of mine and I review books to be able to share my thoughts with other readers and discuss.

In no way do I get compensations or payment for reviews and I am not part of any affiliate programs. All of the books that I review I have purchased myself! If a book gets sent to me for review, I will explicitly state that in the blog post.

Contact me via E-Mail after reading through my review policy.

Formats I accept for review and who I’ll accept books from:

I accept paperback ARCs, finished copies and eBooks in the formats PDF, epub and mobi.

I accept books for review that are published traditionally, as well as self-published and indie press books.


Genres I’m interested in reviewing are mostly Young Adult and Fiction novels. I will also read the occasional New Adult or Middle Grade book! Other genres/themes that I like:

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopia
  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Historical Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Chick Lit
  • LGBTQ+
  • Feminism

Writers of diverse fiction should feel more than free to contact me as I am making an effort to broaden my horizons and read more diverse books (PoC/LGBTQ+/disabled/#ownvoices etc)!

will not accept the following genres:

  • Non-fiction
  • Biographies/Autobiographies/Memoirs
  • Christian/Religion/Spirituality
  • Erotica
  • Self-help

You may also browse my Review Archive or my Goodreads TBR shelf to get a feel for my interests. If a certain genre or theme/subject is not mentioned above, but you think I’d like it, feel free to contact me and I will consider it.

If the book is part of a series, I may need the previous books.

Accepting Books

I reserve the right to decline any requests for any reason. If I accept a book for review, you can 100% expect a review coming up on my blog.

I try to read and review every book in a timely manner. Please note that most of my posts are pre-written/scheduled in advance. Therefore, I won’t always have an open spot available shortly after receiving a book.

Usually, you can expect a review to be uploaded 4-6 weeks after receiving the book. However, life might get in the way sometimes so this can’t always be guaranteed. I’ll make sure to let you know if the review will be up at a later time.

If you’d like the review to be uploaded at an earlier point in time, feel free to still e-mail me and I will check if I can move things around and review the book earlier!

If you schedule a review or blog tour with me that is set for a specific date, I request at least 2 months advance notice and would like to receive the book, by letter mail or e-mail, at least 4-6 weeks before the post is scheduled. If I do not receive the book in time, I may be open for rescheduling.

Apart from reviews, I am also willing to do blog tours, author interviews, guest posts and promotions for authors/publishers/book-related things.

My Reviews:

I will definitely write a review for every book I read. However I do not promise to write about any book in a solely positive way. I write honest reviews only, meaning I will state my genuine and truthful opinion.

If I happen to dislike a book or wasn’t able to finish it (DNF), I will give the reason(s) why. My reviews will in no way be derogatory, mean or in any way “attacking” the author.

Again, you can check out my Review Archive to get a feel for what my reviews look/sound like.

I will crossport my reviews on Goodreads and Barnes & Noble and I share them via Twitter. I am willing to post my reviews on any other site if requested!


Please note that I live in Germany.

Contact me by e-mail or through my contact form to request a review.

I will respond to every email I receive, most likely within 72 hours, letting you know if I am interested in reviewing your book or not.

Rating System:

★★★★★I absolutely love the book, it was incredible! I would highly recommend it!

★★★★ : A very enjoyable read that I would recommend.

★★★: A decent read. Not the best, but not the worst either. I might recommend it.

★★: Not a very enjoyable book. I had a lot of problems with it. I most likely would not recommend.

: Strongly disliked it/hated it and would not recommend it.

DNF: I could not get through/wasn’t interested in the book at all and therefore did not finish it.

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