Popular Series I’m Ashamed I Haven’t Read (Yet) – Pt. 2

Welcome to another round of SHAME where I talk to you about all the popular series I haven’t read (yet) and you get to throw sticks and stones (and whatever else you may find) at me!

I have already done a part 1 of this which you can find here! As you can see, I have read the ACOTAR series so at least I crossed one series off that list! Woo!

This time, I’ve decided to look at series that I actually own and see which ones I still need to read!

Let’s just get right into the series because this will be shameful enough *runs*

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Hello there, my dear friends!

I am skipping this week’s Top Ten Tuesday because I’ve done a similar topic for the ‘Things That Make Me Want To Read A Book’-topic 2 weeks ago so check that out if you’re interested in seeing what I’d like to see more in books!

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! Zuky @ the BookBum tagged me A LONG TIME AGO and I finally got around to it! I was also tagged by Lois @ Lois Reads Books recently. Thank you both so much for this! You know the drill, if you have never heard of neither Zuky nor Lois, you better go click those two links RIGHT NOW and follow them! They’re amazing

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Umm, let’s see….. The idea of having a blog has been playing around in my mind for quite a while – weeks, if not months before I created Too Much of a Book Nerd! I was very into makeup but also books and since I’m too shy (and scared lol) to have my own YouTube account, I decided a blog is the way to go! I was going to do a Makeup/Books crossover blog but eventually decided against it, as I am not makeup expert and pretty much just do whatever I want with it! 😀 So then, one day, when I had particularly too much time on my hands, I read like 10 different posts on ‘How To Create Your Own Blog’, picked a name for it, created an About page, my first blog post and boom – now here we are! 😀

cheers (7)Comment, comment, comment: If you liked someone’s post, let them know! It doesn’t matter whether it is a short and quick “Great post!” or a super long paragraph where you discuss every single detail – I think every blogger appreciates every single comment they get! At least I know that I do! ❤

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