GUESS WHO’S BACK (back again), JACKIE’S BACK (tell a friend) // I’ve returned + A COMPLETELY NEW BLOG DESIGN (it’s so pretty)



Guess who finally handed in her term papers and now has all the time in the world (actually I only have a week) to get back into blogging!!! THIS GIRRRRL.

*cue Eminem’s Without Me aka the “Guess who’s back, back again” song*

Some of you might not even remember me because my hiatus lasted way too long—I said I’d be back July 31st and now it’s October hA I’m the worst :’) You’re probably wondering where this creepy new girl in your Reader came from and WHO EVEN ARE YOU????? I DON’T REMEMBER FOLLOWING YOU. GET OUT.

Ummm, first of all—chill??? Maybe??? There’s not reason to be rude???

Secondly, it’s ME. It’s Jackie aka Too Much of a Booknerd aka the girl who won’t shut up about Shatter Me and Warnette (and Harry Styles) aka the girl with uncreative and boring content aka the girl whose blog design/graphics were the WORST and messiest ever.

BUT ALL OF THAT CHANGED (except the Warnette and Harry Styles part lol i’m still WHIPPED).

I redesigned my entire blog!!! AND I’M SO FREAKING PROUD OF IT. Seriously, if you’re reading this post in your Reader right now… don’t. Come and visit my actual site and let your eyes be blessed with the most beautiful blog design I have ever created.

I literally tear up a little every time I visit my blog and see my header because IT’S SO PRETTY AND PERFECT AND I’M SO IN LOVE WITH IT. BLESS.

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Hiya everyone!

This has been a long time coming… I mean I’ve kind of hinted at it in my June Wrap Up and I’ve also been telling some of my fellow blogger friends about it but…

as you can already tell by the title, I hereby am announcing my hiatus!


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