About Me

Oh hiiiiiiiii *waves excitedly*

If you’ve come across this page, you’ll probably want to get to know me a little better—am I right (Erudite)??? (wow i’m so funny)

Well, hey there! I’m Jackie and this is my precious little baby blog Too Much of a Booknerd which I love very dearly ❤

As mentioned in my short sidebar bio, the main things that you’ll need to know about me are that Shatter Me is my all time favourite series forever and EVER (and I love Tahereh Mafi to death for writing these masterpieces), and that I love Harry Styles more than (almost) anything—and I won’t shut up about either of those things!!!

Obviously I have other interests apart from sobbing over Warner, Juliette and Kenji aka the iconiqué power trio and getting in my feelings about Harry Styles!!! (umm, do you really Jackie???)

Here’s a list (I totally did not steal this idea from May lol what are you even saying):

  • I love books (duh Jackie you’re running a BOOK BLOG)
  • I’m an English Major and I actually love going to uni???
  • I taught myself how to read when I was 3 years old aka I’m a #GENIUS and all the kids in my kindergarden group loved me because I could read to them!!! talk about popular
  • I have lived in Germany all my life but I’m also half-Polish
  • I’m a Slytherpuff and before you ask—yes, that is a thing!!!!!
  • Spiderman is my favourite superhero of all time and I’m obsessed with the Marvel movies!! my second favourite Avenger (after Spidey) is Bucky Barnes aka Sebastian Stan—isn’t he the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen??!!?!!?
  • My favourite author of all time is Tahereh Mafi, but I also adore Alice Oseman, Becky Albertalli and Marie Lu.
  • I like to play the piano, I love going to the cinema, I binge-watch TV shows more often than not, I’m a slow reader and a newbie amateur writer (although I’m getting better :P) AND I love having dance parties by myself (no kidding!)
  • I actually hate the word “fangirl” BUT I LOVE DOING IT (makes no sense right)

I try not to take myself too seriously and I’m also sarcastic pretty much ALL of the time. Literally anything I say will most likely be a joke!!

I’m a very open and friendly person tho so if you want to be my friend, feel free to leave a comment on my blog, my Twitter, my Goodreads (okay I SWEAR that this is not a cue for me to shamelessly promote my social media, please talk to me!!!) or email me! I’d LOVE to hear from you!!! ❤

Can you already tell that I love overusing exclamation marks (as well as questions marks and dashes and parentheses and caps lock and just about ANYTHING)

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay and don’t be afraid to leave a comment (I swear I’m nice).

Love you,

Jackie :’)

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