December Recap // Christmas celebrations, fangirl mania and SO MANY BOOKS!

I know we’re already in the middle of January, but December was too good of a month for me.

It was Christmas and I got the best presents from family (BOOKS), friends (BOOKS) and myself (BOOKS). And yes, buying yourself Christmas presents is a thing because you can never have enough books.

December was also my best reading month of the year??? And I just barely* reached my unofficial goal of reading 100 books in 2017??? PHEW.

And what kind of fangirl would I be if I didn’t find a ton of new things to obsess about this month.

Bi the way!!! Don’t forget to enter my *INTERNATIONAL* giveaway which ends next week ahhhh!

*I literally read two comics books 30 minutes before 2018 began!

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2017 Wrap Up // Best and Worst + Most Suprising and Disappointing Books of 2017 and everything in between!

Well, well, well. Guess who’s back from the dead her unannounced hiatus.

IT’S YA GIRL JACKIE (in case you forgot my name lmao) aka the one who takes a month to reply to comments and almost never blog hops anymore because she’s trash life gets in the way. But what’s new *shrugs*

I actually planned to go on a 2-week long hiatus between Christmas and now, and I planned to have at least two more posts up before I did that and actually announce the hiatus but….. you know….


But I’m back now (at least for a week or two?) before I go on another hiatus because I’ll be in study hell I mean– okay no I really mean STUDY HELL.

Before I do that though, I wanted to take a look at the year 2017. I honestly can’t believe how FAST it went by—I swear, this was one of the quickest years EVER and while I have accomplished and done some incredible things, I still feel that overall it was pretty meh and I could have done MORE.

However, my 2017 from a bookish perspective was fantastic and it was THE BEST reading year I’ve had so far???? I’m SOOOO excited to go through my Goodreads shelves and see which books I loved and hated most this year AHHHH.

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