Hiatus Announcement/Taking a short Blogging Break

Hey guys!

I wanted to quickly write this post to let you guys know that I’ll be taking a short break from blogging!

February is almost over (HOW TF DID IT PASS BY SO FAST) and I realised I haven’t done a single thing for my exam in March so I thought I’d use these last few days to intensively work on my revision notes. I want to have all my study notes done so I don’t have to stress about it in March.

I also want to work on my blogging game since I’ve been feeling pretty MEH lately. Swetlana has recently posted photos of her entire blogging schedule for March and it has inspired me to also plan ahead and schedule some posts!

I will most likely be back by March 6th aka THE DAY RESTORE ME COMES OUT DHSJDJJS 10 DAYS GUYS. 10!!! DAYS!!!!!! I’m so excited and SO. NOT. READY. but omggsjdj can you believe we’re so close!!!

So yeah, I wanted to actually ANNOUNCE my hiatus this time (even if it’s a short one) because I hate how I just disappear for an entire month without saying a word 😂

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in March!



43 thoughts on “Hiatus Announcement/Taking a short Blogging Break

  1. Best of luck on your studying and exams!!! You’re going to do great 🙂 Hope you feel rested and recharged when you decide to get back into blogging (and try not to push yourself too hard) 😉

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