Fandoms I Am No Longer In

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This week’s topic is Fandoms You Are No Longer In – everyone has those fandoms they used to be super invested in, and now are no longer a part of.

Well, I have been in A LOT of fandoms throughout my 19 years of life and I have left quite a few of them! These are mostly non-bookish fandoms, I guess? Some of them are kinda bookish kinda movie-ish LOL XD

Enjoy the fandoms that I am no longer in LMAO

Twilight Saga

Oh. My. God. You guys don’t even want to know how obsessed I was with the Twilight Saga back in the days. It was probably the very first fandom that I was officially in! I literally had every single inch of my walls covered in Twilight posters. I even had a life-size poster of Edward and Bella hanging right next to my bed! If that wasn’t creepy………… And even if I’m (slightly) ashamed of it now, I still had a fantastic time in that fandom and I will be forever thankful for the books (and movies!) because they introduced me to YA/fantasy/dystopias ahhh. No matter how trashy and problematic they are!

oh my god that gif makes me want to re-watch the first movie

Yeahhhh. I was a big Divergent stan shortly before the first movie came out! Me and my friend were obsessed with the books (we had only read the first one at that time) and we were even more obsessed with the movie! Shailene and Theo were our OTP and we’d watch the movie over and over again (note: we live 3 hours apart so we literally live-texted lmao) but it was a fabulous time to be honest! Until the movies turned trash – I haven’t even seen the last movie lol. But yeah, loved Divergent back in the days. Now… not so much 😛

City of Bones /The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters

I was never TRULY in the fandom but I’ve been a huge fan of the books! I read them years ago and I loved them! And I know the movie wasn’t all that good but I still rewatched it like 4 times (mainly because of my girl crush Lily Collins) (and Jamie Campbell Bower, I was obsessed with him back then… not anymore). But I obsessed over the movie and the books and the characters and ahhh!

AND GUESS WHAT! If it wasn’t for my mum buying me the first book (it has the movie cover but I don’t mind gorgeous girl Lily Collins is on there lol) for Nikolaus – I believe it’s called St. Nicholas Day? – I would have never known that series! TMI was one of the very first YA Fantasy type of series I read and I fell in love with it! It used to be one of my all time favourites! I still want to reread them at some point!

PS. I am not talking about the Shadowhunters TV show because I don’t claim that one. Nuh-uh.

Justin Bieber fandom
I had to use this Gif because Chance is in it and I love Chance

Yes. I was a Belieber. I don’t really have a high opinion of him anymore because he is problematic as fuck (sorry about the language) but I used to be in love and obsessed with him. I remember watching one of his YouTube videos before he was famous and I thought he was super cute #whatever. Then I forgot about it until One Time came out and I saw the video and I was like… I know that kid! And I loved his One Time era and his Believe era WAS EVEN BETTER (his best era tbh). My first concert was Justin’s Believe tour and it was one of the best nights of my life! Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that! My 15-year-old self had the best time!!!

But then he turned #ugly (personality-wise) and had his whole scandalous year and nothing was ever the same lol. I still listen to his old songs because #throwback and they’re my JAMS! I even like some of his new songs but I do not support him as a person at all. UGH. HE’S SO PROBLEMATIC!

That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday and the fandoms that I am no longer in! I’ve only mentioned 4 because I can’t remember any other fandoms that I used to be in for the life of me!

Thank you for reading!


Are you in any fandoms? Which fandoms have you left (for whatever reason)/are you no longer in? Have you ever been/Are you in any of the fandoms that I’ve mentioned? Let’s chat in the comments!

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60 thoughts on “Fandoms I Am No Longer In

  1. Lol I was in the Twilight fandom also…I was so obsessed hey. I remember reading the books 2 or 3 times in a row haha. I am still in the TMI fandom, I think I always will be lol. It’s such a shame Beiber has acted like a douche hey, I think he would be liked more and would have more of his original fans if he was nicer.

    By the way, I’m a Smiler (Miley fandom) lol. I have been super obsessed with her since Hannah Montana…and will be until I die. That is one fandom I will never ever leave hehehe.

    Awesome post!!!

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    1. Yes, I feel like everyone was in the Twilight fandom at some point 😂 and that’s true but he’s acting like a jerk most of the time and it’s just annoying!

      Ohhhh me too! I’ve been obsessed with Miley ever since I saw that first Hannah Montana episode! There was a phase when she changed her image and I didn’t like her THAT much but I’m glad she’s “going back to her roots” now! I love her ❤️

      Thank you!

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  2. Divergent became a huge let down! We remember when we first read it (and loved it – we probs still do) and then the second felt boring and the third one dragged…and death…. We can be alright with death (sure we’ll be sad) – but if it made sense then yeah… We can understand! The movies also wet weird and we believe she (the author) even wrote an alternate ending were Tris lives! We still like the idea of it…so the first bool/movie!

    And we think anyone who read Twilight in its first few years were obsessed with it! We weren’t…but that’s ‘cuz we never read it!😉

    TBH we are still in the TMI Fandom (won’t be leaving anytime soon) – we’ve already invested in all of her books in the Shadowhunter Chronicles (consisting of: TID, TMI, TDA etc.)! We can’t say we’re a fan of the TV shows though…we gave up after season one (which was alright…kinda).

    Great list!!😊👌🏻❤
    P.S. Is there only meant to be 4 fandoms you’ve left? The list does say Top 5?! (look at us craving more of you’re posts…😅)

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    1. I really loved the Divergent series! I don’t really remember much of it now but you’re right, it got kind of boring around the middle!

      I really liked the first Divergent but after the disappointment that was Insurgent, I just wasn’t interested in the rest of them anymore! Omg did she??? I had never heard of an alternative ending 👀

      Ohhh you must be one of the very few people that haven’t read Twilight at some point in their lives 😂

      I also gave up on Shadowhunters! I’ve seen a few episodes of the second season but I’m to lazy to catch up and I really don’t like the actors! Except maybe Matthew Daddario 😛

      Thanks so much! And yes, there’s supposed to be 5 but I could only think of 4 😂😂

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      1. Because the movies…um…flopped – the movie after Allegiant was opted as a tv movie (called Ascendent), which made Shailene Woodley drop out and not play as Tris anymore (also Theo and Miles dropped out)! We may be wrong about the alternate ending – but we wouldn’t make it up (someone else might have…but yeah..😅)

        Perhaps we may read Twilight for jokes..LOL😂

        We didn’t even start the eps for season 2 and Matthew Daddario 😍😍!!

        You’re welcome and better there be 4 then none, right?! XD XD

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      2. Ohhh I don’t think anybody would have watched that TV show! I really hate how the movies ruined Divergent for me because I used to really love it! (Except maybe the ending)

        Matthew Daddario is so pretty! If I ever continue with the show, it’ll be solely for him! 😍

        And yes, you’re so right! 😉

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  3. Omg Justin Bieber during his “One Time” era is first on MY list! I was kind of embarrassed to include him but I thought it was only fair if I did. I’m glad I’m not the only one… I only mentioned 4 in mine too and they are all non-bookish fandoms hahaha

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    1. Hahaha! It was so hard to think of fandoms that I’ve left! Because I’m still in a lot of fandoms and others I’ve never really been in!

      And yay, I’m glad there’s someone else who mentioned Justin Bieber, I thought I was going to be the only one 😂

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      1. That makes two of us. When I was making my list I was unsure of a few fandoms to but when I compare them to those already on my list, I realized I don’t get too crazy about them.

        I don’t really know why I was embarrassed to include Justin Bieber.. I guess I didn’t want anyone to know that I once fangirled over him because of who he is now.

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  4. We had a whole group that had read Divergent and we’re massive fans during its adaption period. We all went to see it in the cinema. One that will always hold fond memories.
    I never could get into the Twilight saga. It just was never my thing. Even as a kid I kind of thought it ridiculous and boring. Oh dear!

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    1. I really liked the first Divergent movie but I wasn’t a big fan of the second one because they changed so much! And when I saw the trailer for the third one and saw how weird and space-y they made it, I just knew I wouldn’t want to see that one 😂 I still like the books though!

      Ohh, lucky you! Back in the days, I never realised how weird Twilight actually is and sometimes I wish I never read it 😂


  5. I used to also be in twilight fandom, I remember in school we had a whole activity break for it, where we talked about the books and movies and characters, it makes me cringe looking back on it. I’ve also been part of the Harry Potter Fandom since I was like 6 haha.

    I was/kinda am still part of TMI, I haven’t finished the last book nor started the trilogies associated with the series. I really wanna try to read them at some point.

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    1. An activity break? Oh wow, that must have been fun back in the days 😂 I’ve never read Harry Potter when I was little and I’ve only read the books for the first time like 3 years ago!

      And me too! I’ve read the entire TMI series and I liked it but I really want to read The Infernal Devices as well!

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  6. Great list, me and one of my friends were obsessed with Twilight when we were younger and I’m still obsessed with The Mortal Instruments. I used to really love Divergent until I read the third book as I felt it just dragged on and I did not enjoy the movies 😄

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  7. “I even like some of his new songs but I do not support him as a person at all.” <– Me with all celebs ever. XD Agh, I was totally a Divergent fan! I watched the first part of Allegiant (idk if the second part came out???) and it was better than Insurgent! Somewhat. XD Theo tho. 😍😍

    I was and will never be in the Twilight fandom ugh. XD It's good that it introduced you to YA tho! And JACKIE. LANGUAGE. (Just kidding. 😛 )

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  8. Great post! Divergent made it into my list, too. I cannot BELIEVE that I forgot to put Twilight in my list… I was such a major Twihard when the first book released. Omg. I pre-ordered books 2-4 and then hated the series by the end of Breaking Dawn. Sigh.

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  9. Ah, I really enjoyed Divergent when it came out, but I’m not particularly into dystopia anymore and it sort of just…passed. I also fell in love with The Mortal Instruments when I devoured them one summer — although I still follow the books, I’m not as crazy about them as I used to be! Yeah haha the TMI movie wasn’t amazing but, also, LILY COLLINS.

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  10. Love this post! I loved Twilight series but I’m not fan of the movies. I wasn’t aware of Twilight until I found its movie poster. At that time, I was pretty much obsessed with L.J. Smith’s books and Vampire Academy. I loved the first two books in the divergent trilogy but I haven’t read its finale yet. The Mortal Instruments is one of my unfinished series. I hope I’ll get to finish it soon. I’m really not a fan of Justin Bieber but I like his songs.

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  11. I love this!! Hahaha omg Twilight… I remember those days! I wasn’t obsessed, persay, but I did read the books and watch the movies and didn’t mind them?? But like now, yeahhhh NOPE. Not my thing whatsoever. And oh! I was a HUGE fan of Divergent, but yeah, now it’s not as much of a favourite? I didn’t mind the books though. (except for Allegiant uhhhhhh)

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    1. Omg I was such a huge Twilight fan of both the movies and the books! I was so sad when it was over 😂 but same, now not so much XD I don’t mind the Divergent books either! I don’t remember much about them but I loved them when I read them! Except the end of Allegiant obviously 😉

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  12. Twilight! Ahhhh I remember liking it for like two days but then realizing that it’s um, trash. Divergent is still an old fave, but I feel like I don’t like it as much? There have definitely been more books that are so much better in my mind. Honestly? I hated the movies. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO CHOOSE THAT ACTOR FOR FOUR??

    Haha I remember the “olden” times when half of everyone hated him and half of everyone loved him.

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    1. I was like 12 when I read the Twilight books and I was obsessed 😂 and same, I don’t mind the Divergent books but I’m not really into them anymore! That was my first thought too but then he was kinda attractive??? And I loved him and Shailene together and I became obsessed :’)

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  13. You were a belieber?!? Oh boy. ;P

    Also,I love that literally everyone who’s done this weeks topic has agreed with Twilight XD

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