Spring Bloggiesta 2017


Heeeyyyyy, it’s almost time for this year’s spring Bloggiesta! This is the very first bookish “meme” I am participating in and I’m very excited!

What is Bloggiesta, you’re asking? I think the hosts explained it very well;

“Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon revolving around ticking off those items on your to-do list and improving your blog while in the good company of other awesome bloggers doing the same thing.”

So, all you gotta do is write your very own to-do list and post it to your blog. It doesn’t matter how long or short it is, it’s your blog after all! You may also link it here so other Bloggiesta participants can see it and show you love and support!

The spring Bloggiesta takes part from March 20-26 so you still have plenty of time to write a to-do list if you want to participate 🙂

Here is my Spring Bloggiesta To-Do List!

re-write/organise my review policy
write my E&E and R&R review 
☑ choose 1-2 weekly memes to participate in (T5W, T10T)
☑ schedule blog posts 2 weeks in advance
☑ do at least one mini challenge (updated/cleaned up my sidebar)
 figure out HTML/graphics etc
☑ re-organise review archive (I didn’t really change anything lol)
☑ write and schedule Mystery Blogger Award blog post
☑  comment on other Bloggiesta partipants blogs
☑ participate in at least one Twitter chat (I hope I can make the other two!)

Head over to the official Bloggiesta blog for more info!

Let’s do this! 😀

Jackie xbloggiestastart

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