Announcement: New Feature/Segment (but I need your help!!!)


IT’S TIME…………………………….

As promised, I am bringing you A NEW ORIGINAL SEGMENT/FEATURE OF MINE!!!! AHHHHHH!!! ❤

Alright, before I reveal anything, let’s dive into a little bit of backstory here;

Ever since I created my blog, maybe even before that, I knew that I wanted to have an original meme/segment/tag WHATEVER of my own but my super uncreative mind just couldn’t come up with something.

Last week, I was quite busy and I was thinking about the million things I still had to do for uni, my blog, life lol and I was scheduling and organising things in my head………. and then it just HIT ME. Like a brick.

Jackie Fangirls.

That name just randomly popped into my head and it stuck there for a while.

So I was thinking: “HEY! This totally reflects me and my personality!” I DO love some healthy fangirling 😀 I tend to get overly excited about (A LOT) of things. I start writing in all caps and use 500 different emojis to express my feelings and emotions. 

So I thought why not turn this into a weekly segment/meme/feature (I don’t know what to call this)! 😀

Whenever I have something, anything to fangirl about, I will post about it! This doesn’t always have to do with books – you can fangirl about TV shows, music, celebrities, a recent meal you had, ANYTHING!

I think it’s a really cool idea!!!!! 😀



QUESTION: Which name do you like better Jackie Fangirls or Fangirl Friday?


Jackie Fangirls makes it more personal and I won’t be constricted to post on a certain day in the week! 

Fangirl Friday sounds a lot more neutral/universal and I could turn this into a weekly thing where YOU GUYS can join in! Kind of like a meme! 😀

So tell me which name you like better because I can’t decide! 😀


SECOND QUESTION: Would anyone be interested if I actually turned this into a (weekly) feature? Where other bloggers can join? That one would definitely be called Fangirl Friday then to make it more universal 😛


And this would be a weekly or bi-weekly, monthly, whenever-you-feel-like-you-need-to-fangirl-about-something thing where everyone just fangirls about whatever they want to fangirl about!

(I will post a more “official” description of this meme, explaining the “rules” or guidelines in my next post if people are actually interested in it.)

So, please tell me if you’d be interested!!! 🙂

And I feel like I have to mention this – I googled “Fangirl Friday” and I’ve seen some people who made this a thing on their blogs, each had a different interpretation of what their own Fangirl Friday is. Pretty much all of the posts I’ve seen were from a couple years ago (like 2013) and their blogs are now abandoned. I don’t want to be accused of being a copy-cat because I literally just googled it like half an hour ago and I had no idea that this existed.

SO would you suggest that I call this Jackie Fangirls just so I’m in the clear??? Or is Fangirl Fridays alright??? Since it’s been abandonded by most of the other bloggers??? And I could like “revive” it?! I’m so insecure and nervous about this lol sorry for asking all these questions 😛

Anyway, that’s it for the announcement for now! Pleeeaasssseeee help me decide by answering my questions! 

My first “Fangirl-post” (depending on what name I will decide upon) will be up on Friday (including an official description, graphics and all…).

Thank you for reading!


If you’ve already forgotten what the questions were: Which name do you like better JACKIE FANGIRLS or FANGIRL FRIDAY? And would you be interested if I turned this into a weekly features where YOU can join in? That one would have to be called Fangirl Friday then. What about the “copying” thing? Let’s chat in the comments!

48 thoughts on “Announcement: New Feature/Segment (but I need your help!!!)

  1. I think that Jackie Fangirls does sound more personal and could easily be adapted to an individual blogger that might want to take place. seems to still be doing Fangirl Friday on a regular basis, so that’s really up to do, I think. 😅 A Fangirl themed weekly event sounds cool, though. I like seeing what else people geek out about besides books.

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  2. I really like both of the names, but I think Fangirl Friday is more awesome because then you can interact with different people and see what they are posting and fangirling about. And find new things to read, watch or listen to.
    I kind of do some fangirl Friday thing which I call Weekly Nerdy Things, but I would use Fangirl Friday than to have like a blog where I just talk about one of my favourite things that week or so. I definitely like your idea and I don’t think it is copying if no one is using the blogs anymore

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    1. Yay thank you so much! I am definitely going to turn this into a more universal meme so others can participate!
      Thanks so much for your help!
      I have just uploaded a poll on my blog to decide on a name for this feature and it’d be really nice if you could vote for a new name! 🙂 🙂



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    1. Thanks for letting me know! I really like the alliteration too! 😀 I have just uploaded a poll to pick a new name (and some of them even have alliterations :P) and it’d be really nice if you could help me pick one! 🙂
      And I can’t wait to launch this feature and fangirl with everybody!!!

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  4. This sounds like a great idea! I do a healthy bit of fangirling myself so I’d love to this. Personally I prefer Jackie Fangirls😊

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  5. YAAAS IT’S SUNDAY. XD I like the sound of Fangirl Friday better??? (Btw this is a TOTALLY COOL IDEA. I’ll just join it on Saturday. Because I’m a #rebel and I have a #schedule. (Ooh that rhymed!)) But to make it different, maybe add like another word in front of it. Like Fanatic Fangirl Friday. Or Freakish Fangirl Friday. Or Fiercely Fangirl Friday. IDK THOSE WERE ALL REALLY BAD IDEAS. XD

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    1. *go to Tartarus, qwerty* YEAH so what was I saying? 😂 Jackie Fangirls adds a personal touch to it and that’s great too! So, I’m torn between the two choices. 😂

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  6. I totally love what the Twin Bookmarks girls said. 😀 I think that would be SO cute if you wanted to make it into a segment for everyone. I do love both the idea of it being an individual segment or a blogger event/meme/I never know the right word for it XD I would totally participate if it was…because fangirling has become an actual word in my computer by now. XD But I think it would be done wonderfully either way. Can’t wait to see what you decide!!

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